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Secure Your Money with the Most Affordable Will Writing Service in UK

Your money and property is important and you are the one to decide who will take its charge after you die!

Unfortunately, Solicitors in UK are too expensive to consult for will writing. This leaves many people unassisted in all sorts of legal matters. Where you can let go of other legal matters, will is something you cannot put off. Best Assignment Writer offers will writing service at the most affordable rates for you so that you don’t have to worry about your assets!

What Does A Will Contain?

A “Will” is a legal document that declares what will happen to your estate (money and property) after you die.

Death is inevitable and you never know when your time is!

Just like you buy life insurance to secure your and your family’s future, a will is important to distribute your money as you wish.

Why Do You Need Will?

Your money and property are an important assets. You have spent years acquiring those assets and if you die without leaving a will, your estate might be passed on against your wishes.

Here are 5 main reasons why you definitely need a will!

  • A will helps to distribute your money as per your wish.
  • A will helps your family to sort out matters easily if you die.
  • A will save your family’s stress by reducing the time required in processing of legal matters.
  • It assists you to reduce inheritance tax payable on your estate (i.e. property and money).
  • It helps you decide who will be your executor (the person who will organize your money).

“What Will Happen If I Ever Die Without A Will?”

If you ever die without a will, here’s what will happen to you:

  • Your property will become intestate i.e. your estate will be in hands of country’s law.
  • Your estate will be in Probate which is a legal process of transferring your assets to the people according to rules and regulations of court.
  • Since you have not selected your executor, the court will propose an administrator who will be responsible in handling your will.

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Should I Hire An Attorney For My Will?

Hiring an attorney for your will is extremely your personal choice. Solicitors are not a necessity when it comes to will writing. Solicitors charge too much for even a single advice and getting a will written is out of reach of many people.

Here are some of the options you can consider for will writing:

  • Check bookstores or libraries to get a basic guide.
  • Use online database to know the contents and format of a will.
  • Try estate planning software to understand the key requirements.
  • Go for online will writing services.

Are Online Will Writing Services Legit?

As long as your will complies with the state laws, your will is a valid document. Though an online will writing is offered at much cheaper rates, not all of them are valid! You can spend your precious money on an online service but never know what type of quality they’d deliver.

Therefore, you should study a website appropriately before hiring them for your will like:

  • Take a small consultancy section before hiring them for your will writing. This will help you to determine if the service provider is experienced enough to write your will.
  • See for their ratings regarding will writing service to get an idea of the quality.
  • Check their working process to understand how they work.
  • Read their policy to know if they are provide revisions in case wills are not as per your requirements.

We are the Best Will writing service in UK!

It’s not just a false claim that we are the best will writing service in UK. You finding us as one of the top results on Google when searching for the online will writing and landing on our website is it’s prove! We know how important a will is and therefore we have legitimate experts to provide you the legal help you are looking for:

Here is a highlight of our services that let us outstand among the others:

  • Highly Affordable: The fact that majority of the UK population cannot get their will written is the high fees of the attorney. While a solicitor may charge you upto £240, our will writing packages start for prices as low as £75.
  • Securing your Privacy: We keep your privacy on priority. We completely secure your details by high encryption codes. Even we do not allow our writers to ask your details or share theirs’.
  • UK Based Expert Lawyers: We hire only legal graduates with a master’s degree in law (LLM) and a minimum of three years’ experience. It is extremely necessary for our lawyers to obtain their degree from UK based university as only a British graduate can understand the country legal matters.
  • Legal Consultancy: Our legal experts are not just here to write your wills but they also assist in advising you in your will writing matters and choosing your executor.
  • Customized To Your Needs: Your will is made keeping in view of all your requisites. We do not use premade templates that might make your will invalid.
  • Fast Will Writing: While an advocate would meet you two or three times before writing your will, we can write your will in just a day in case of urgent requirements.
  • Free Revisions: We know that will writing is critical and your approval is extremely necessary. In such cases where you don’t think that will is according to the mentioned details, we will revise your will with no added charges!
  • Money Back Guarantee: We only deliver valid wills that are accepted by the British laws. But even if you don’t like the will we sent you, or you think it was not upto your standards, you can get a complete refund from us!

Secure your family’s future with our will writing service today!