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  • The changing trend of conventional recruitment methods towards e-platform recruitments: How social media techniques have improved the efficiency of the recruitment process
  • The concept of remote-workforce and its efficiency in terms of operating cost and time
  • The use of technology in minimizing biasness during work-force hiring: Building a highly diversified working environment
  • Assessing Gamification as an effective tool in candidate screening and hiring process
  • Assessing the importance of effectively analyzing and predicting work-force needs and its impact on overall work productivity.
  • The shifting trend from Employee engagement to Employee experience and its role in employee retention process
  • The importance of People Analytics and its collaboration with business intelligence within functional disciplines.
  • The emergence of “Gig-Economy” and its effectiveness as compared with permanent job market: The evaluation of freelance and short-term contracts
  • The adoption of intelligent digital platforms to develop “Netflix-like” experience for corporate learners

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Role of investment banking in emerging markets
  • A study of hedging as profitable or risky
  • To study the worth of CSR in eyes of consumers
  • Analyzing factors that affect Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and its impact on economic development of a country
  • Foreign exchange risk management in financial institutes of UK


To study the reduction of Power Grid Losses through Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers
  • A Comparison of Electric Vehicles and Conventional Automobiles Costs and Quality Perspective
  • To analyze critically the issues and challenges facing rechargeable lithium batteries
  • How home energy management system in a Smart Grid scheme improves reliability of power systems?


The usage of impact technologies to improve welding joints.
  • The role of atomization technology of human-computer interaction on manufacturing sites.
  • The automated packaging processes and product net weight.
  • The role of mechanical engineering in water cleaning: The challenge for engineers.
  • The role of mechanical engineering in constructing tallest structures.


Exploring and comparing green supply chain management practices in developing and developed countries
  • Exploring the trends and challenges of green supply chain management in emerging economies
  • Value creation through robust supply chain network design
  • Measuring the outcomes of supply chain performance: Extended literature review
  • The role of Lean manufacturing and IT-enabled integration in enhancing the responsiveness of supply chain


Investigating the Impact of Stem Cell Therapy in Reducing Joint Injuries
  • Analysing the Production of Ethanol from the specie Micro-Algae Spirulina
  • A Study on Experimental Investigations on the Vibrational Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules
  • Analysing the Role of Symbiosis in Parasites
  • Genetic Examination of invasive Aedes albopictus populations in Los Angeles County, and its potential health impact on People


Assessment of the role of regional organizations in peace keeping and peace building: the case study United Nations
  • The critical debate between liberalism theory of international relations and realism theory of international relations in context of contemporary power shifting paradigm
  • Determining how human rights can be strengthen for justice within a shifting global landscape in which freedoms and human security are under threat
  • The importance of conflict management and crises resolution in international relations: the issue of third party mediation between India and Pakistan
  • Analysis of the foreign policy of United States: Implications after Trump’s winning presidential elections.


The influence of long term and short term contracts on employee behavior and motivation. A study into the hotel industry.
  • What are the major motivational challenges faced by senior management of Tesco?
  • Impact of talent management on workforce motivation
  • Role of HRM in making modern day business organizations achieve sustainability
  • An examination into the impact of effective recruitment and selection practice on business growth.


Impact of corporate financial performance on corporate social responsibility in firms: A case study of oil and gas company UK.
  • Review of organizational leadership and its impact on change management within the multinational organizations in UK.
  • Impact of innovation and technology on increasing organizational productivity and performance: A case of Nestle
  • Relationship between international human resource management strategies and conflict management of employees.
  • Assessment of the reasons poor employee behavior and analysis of management strategies for dealing with the issue.


Level of stress experienced while working in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Impact of infections on the health of critically ill patients.
  • Measures taken for infection control by nursing staff during their work in intensive care unit.
  • Rate of mobility and mortality in the hospitals of “any place can be taken here”.
  • Progress made in the field of medical regarding the prevention that can be taken for the nosocomial infections.


Hypovitaminosis D and anthropometric measurement association in young healthy females.
  • Factors that develop allergies in time, other than having it since birth. Why our body react defensively to ordinary factors.
  • Factors that differentiate men and women in sports physiology
  • To evaluate the pregnancy outcome and cesarean delivery rate in young to older age women.
  • To determine the risk factors associated with peptide ulcer.


Investigation of project management practices in construction industry in less developed countries
  • Role of inadequate risk management practices in troubled projects in construction sector
  • Improving project management capability with Project Management Office (PMO) in technology companies
  • Significance of effective managerial process in the broad spectrum of project’s success
  • An explorative investigation of different project management methodologies


To study the role of behavioral genetic studies in criminology
  • To investigate the increasing crime rate in UK with respect to global terrorists activities
  • A comparative analysis of crime rate in UK and US
  • To determine the impact of online crime series on young adults
  • To investigate the white collar crime in emerging economies


To study the difference between classical and Keynesian theories, models and policies
  • To study the relation between pricing system and micro economy
  • What are the policies to correct balance of payments disequilibrium?
  • What are the policies to correct deflation and inflation?
  • How to gauge the effectiveness of policy options to meet all macroeconomic objectives


Assessing the impact of heavy advertisement of Western Fashion on the purchasing behavior of Asian Women
  • Analyzing the importance and significance of product placement in famous TV shows and its impact on consumer buying intention
  • A critical analysis of aggressive marketing of products: Where the line should be drawn?
  • Analyzing the ethical challenges of advertising children products on electronic media: Case study of China
  • How organizations have embraced customer-centric marketing philosophies for the purpose of developing effective marketing and positive digital transformation


Assessing the impact of google analytics in generating high customer base of online retailers: Case study of Ali Baba and Amazon
  • The role of data scientist in business decision making process of large multinational companies
  • The evolution of personalized and customized marketing: Measuring its effectiveness in terms of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • The use social media marketing techniques for the front-line marketing of sales and service for electronic products
  • The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it role in manipulating consumer choices towards different products: Case study of developed countries
  • A comparative analysis of real time marketing versus right-time marketing: Which one is more effective?

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