Terms of Use

All of the dissertations, research studies, essays that are drafted, compiled and delivered by Best Assignment Writer are solely intended for academic purpose therefore the Company shall not be liable for any damage of any sort if the customer is ever found to be using the research for commercial, personal or any other use. The work that is offered herein by Best Assignment Writer has no implied warranties. The ownership and copyrights of the entire researches, drafts and final submissions that are written by the Best Assignment Writer team of skilled and proficient professional writers are held by the Company in the initial phases and are only transferred to the customers once complete payment as well as the dues is clearly made.

Privacy Policy

The personal information of the client that is required by Best Assignment Writer is attained through the “Order Now” or “Contact Us” form and is used only for the confirmation of the orders, inquires made related to order status, provision of customer care services, promotion of new deals and notifications and all of the personal data of the client is kept highly confidential through securing it behind highly encrypted and reliable firewall that utilises the latest version. The personal information that is generally required for the delivery of the service queries constitute the name, contact information and e-mail address of the client. Clients are provided with the opportunity to use an alias as a substitute if they wish to remain anonymous and discreet.

Any visitor who goes through the website of Best Assignment Writer, a specific set of information is stored without the will of the visitor. This specific set of detail comprises of the IP address, OS version, access time, version of the browser etc. This information is chiefly for the determination of the optimisation of the performance of the webpage of Best Assignment Writer. If any of the visitor wishes to opt out of this anonymous security check, he or she may disable the cookies from the OS setting.

Refund Policy

Any request and complaint referred towards the refund shall only be entertained if the provided dissertation does not oblige with the provided specifications by the client. Customers are recommended to utilize the free revision policy offered by Best Assignment Writer if there are any errors or in any case any inconsistencies before the submission of the refund application.

Refund policy also varies in accordance with the problems and issues. Refund would not be offered to the customers on account of minor errors that could be omitted easily. In addition to this, refund would not be offered on slight delays upon the deliverance of the order. In case of any such consequence, both of the parties must agree upon a mutual agreement in terms of partial refund or any discount.

Any circumstances leading to order cancellation, full refund shall only be provided to the customer within the provided expiration time of the order cancellation which is usually 1 hour right after the order is confirmed by the client. Once the expiration time is over, Best Assignment Writer would be liable to pay partial refund which varies according to the time. I.e. 85% in the first 2 hours of the order placement.

The customers are required to launch a complaint immediately otherwise the credit card would be charged twice. However, Best Assignment Writer would refund the dual payment immediately once the complaint has been officially made and verified.

Dispute Settlement Policy

Customers are sternly recommended to make immediate contact with the Best Assignment Writer before making any contact with any of the intermediary if there is any dissatisfaction related to the work which has been provided by the Company.

In case of the fact that the customer fails to meet the aforesaid instructions and guidelines and makes contact with any intermediary prior contacting the Best Assignment Writer, this act would be viewed as a breach of the contract upon which legal action would be taken against the customer.

Order Termination Policy

Best Assignment Writer holds the complete right to terminate or cancel any of the under-processed order in view of the following events:

  • If the customer makes any violation of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, both intentionally as well as unintentionally.
  • If the customer is found to be guilty of any scam or fraud.
  • The cancellation policy of the order shall only be reviewed with a full refund only when the request for order cancellation is made within the expiration time frame which has been set by the Best Assignment Writer.

Order Delivery Policy

Once the personal and contact details of the customer have been verified, Best Assignment Writer warranties to deliver the dissertation in the timeliest manner.

In case of any personal fault of the customer that may arise in terms of wrong email address, spam or any intentional or unintentional reason, Best Assignment Writer shall not be liable for the late delivery.

Amendment Policy

Best Assignment Writer has the full authority to fix, modify or revise any of the abovementioned policies prior to notifying the customers.

By utilising the dissertation offered by Best Assignment Writer on the official website even after the revisions have been made in the Terms and Conditions section, the customers have to accept and agree to the revised comments and modifications.

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