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What Are Taxation Laws?

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  1. Direct Taxes: which are deducted on the gross salary or income of its earner and the amount remaining is then with drawn by the earner, in order to fulfill their basic needs.
  2. Indirect Taxes: are those which are added to the total prices of different commodities, which are then purchased by their consumers. These include: general sales tax & value addition taxes and are not just limited to tangible goods but also on intangible services.

Some of the major types of taxes that are being imposed around the globe for revenue generation are as follows:

Types of Taxes Applied on
Income Tax They are imposed on the salary or income through other means that one earns.
Sales Tax The sales tax varies from commodity to commodity, service to service and is added to the prices of the goods & services.
Property Tax This tax is imposed on with holding property as an asset. The percentage or amount of tax may vary from region to region and the total worth of one’s property.
Estate Tax This tax is imposed on the assets that one leaves behind for their heir. It may be as high as 40% in some economies and could only be imposed if a certain; minimum amount is left over by the departing citizen.
Gift Tax This tax is imposed by the government if you present someone with an item or an asset (whether it be tangible and intangible) that is worth more than a predefined amount. It has to be paid only once in a lifetime.
Hotel Tax This type of tax is applied upon the tertiary sector of the economy and is calculated by the per unit, the number of rooms, rented out by the hotel or resort.
Value Addition Tax This type of tax is imposed on every addition step that adds value to your original commodity. It is applied on both goods as well as services.
Sin Tax This type of tax is imposed on goods & services which produce negative externalities for the society. The government usually imposes them to discourage the masses to consume it in order to reduce their spillover effect(s) over the society. E.g. cigars, alcohol, etc.

Why Knowledge About Taxation Laws Is Important?

  • In many countries, being a non-filer can be very costly as it may be deemed illegal by its government. As a student you need to know its effects to write a better assignment.
  • It will help you better understand the amount that you will be left with once you are done all the deductions on your earnings, hence; making you a better planner for your future endeavors than otherwise.
  • It could help you protect against tax frauds that a company operating outside the legal framework might be operating within the economy.
  • If you have majors in finance, knowledge of tax laws can provide you with additional finance assignment help for your finance assignments.
  • It further provides you with a sense of security, as they help in better budgetary planning.
  • It helps in reducing the chances of errors that you might make if unaware of the tax regulations.

Why You Should Consider Getting Taxation Law Assignment Help?

Taxation laws’ assignments can be a complicated task, as there are numerous types of taxes imposed, on different types of businesses. Taxes that may be applicable on an ‘association of people’ may be the same as those applied on a corporation, registered on the London Stock Exchange. Apart from this other factors such as: considering the taxes on fringe benefits, tax slabs according to income and double taxation effects are also to be considered when writing on the topic, thus; getting taxation law assignment help from Best Assignment Writers in UK is a viable option.

Reason why it can be stressful for you to write an assignment on taxation laws:

  1. Taxation laws are constantly changing, as new tax policies are announcement by the government in the annual budget. Thus, you might want to have someone who keeps track of them all.
  2. Knowing all the types of business forms and the taxes that are imposed on them needs expertise and knowledge to write an outstanding assignment on it.
  3. Tax assignments do not always mean knowing the legal framework. It also involves calculations, backed by deep understanding and justification at every step, which could be complicated for a learning student.
  4. Taxation assignment can be a painstaking task for those who are not in the field of finance or law. Students usually need someone to assist them through it and hiring our services can be one of the best options that you can avail in such matter.
  5. Terminologies such as fringe benefit taxes, corporate tax, tax slabs, double taxation effect, and association of people can at times be difficult for students to work with. Especially when they don’t know its core concept.

As a student, we are sure you will be going through at least one of such problem. If so, then there is still hope as we can deal with all of them for you. Giving you more hope through your hours of despair.

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