Fresh Tax Dissertation Topics for UK Students for 2023

Tax is one of the major parts of study in the field of economics as well as finance. Tax is a compulsory imposition by the state government on individual and corporate entities for the development of the economy and the country as a whole.

On the other hand, Taxation as a subject is a comprehensive study of a broad field, that taps into several areas to understand its purpose, methods, approaches, criteria, uses, and different types. Moreover, a tax dissertation is lengthy research over these given areas to obtain a particular finding.

Formulating Dissertation Topics on Taxation

Understanding and putting forward tax dissertation topics are critical, as they have the nature of explaining and dealing with technical issues. Selecting the right topic on this subject, most likely helps to direct students on how much clarification and insider they can add to the research and is it even feasible for conducting the research successfully with the selected topic.

Questions To Ponder Upon

A lot of questions and confusion arise in students' minds when it comes to their academic research, initially with their topic. Some factors for consideration include:

  • Is there enough material available for research?
  • Is the topic significant?
  • Is the topic too technical?
  • Is the topic too vague?
  • Is the topic already researched multiple times?
  • Is the topic too obvious?
  • Will the topic be difficult to manage?
  • Will I run out of ideas with the selected topic?
  • Will the research methods be compatible with the topic?
  • Is it filling the research gaps?
  • Will the topic be accepted by my supervisor?

Many questions other than this, might arise from students for their taxation thesis topics and the whole research in general. To answer such questions, we at BestAssignmentWriter assist students with all their academic requirements from topic selection to writing services that help to clear the doubts.

Whether it is tax avoidance dissertation topics you are looking for or trying to put together the common issues faced by taxpayers in a particular continent, we provide consultation and merge the ideas. To make things easier, we have made ready a whole list of relevant tax dissertation topics for you to clear the confusion.

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List of Eye-Catching Tax Dissertation Topics for Free

Many students have the willingness to craft out the best research topic by themselves, as it is their final year research. But on the way, they do require professional guidance to avoid the piling up pressure, which initially starts from topic selection.

If you haven’t decided on a topic yet, then here are some of the best tax dissertation topics for you to select from and ease the worries. Consider a hand full of topics provided from the list which you find interesting and designate the most relevant topic out of it.

Remember to keep in view your academic requirements and do consult with your supervisor regarding the topic you have selected before finalizing any decision.

Aim and Objectives:

The qualitative analysis is used to discuss the changes in trends in Patent taxes and how companies further exploit this tax to eliminate competition

  • Evaluate the concept of patent tax
  • Investigate the impact it has on Corporate tax
  • Asses the level of exploitation by using patent tax
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to evaluate tax regulation and its bodies that have eased tax paying in UK due to covid-19 and the government is adapting to the changes.

  • Impact of covid-19 on tax rates
  • Level of risk it poses to economic conditions
  • Investigate the changes in tax regulations and how it can be used for the betterment of the economy
Aim and Objectives:

This topic will focus on improving tax policies and rates to enable a surplus budget for the government and issue rates that can be paid by all individuals.

  • Impact of fiscal deficit on UK economy
  • Investigate the tax system of UK
  • Asses and evaluate how taxation can used to remove fiscal deficit
Aim and Objectives:

This topic aims to improve the relations through literature review with the Islamic society and how Islamic tax system is successful and how can it help improve the modern taxation system.

  • Evaluate the difference between modern tax system and Islamic tax systems
  • Exemptions in Zakat tax system
  • Investigate how zakat system can further be used to make changes in the modern taxation system in UK
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to discuss why has UK system failed to provide equality in the community and how it can be improved.

  • Evaluate the tax system of UK
  • Investigate the rate of tax and percentage of people that pay tax
  • Reasons the government is not able to provide adequate services
Aim and Objectives:

The topic discuses issues that arise in human rights due to tax policies and why are rural areas charged with the same rate as compared to urban areas.

  • Discuss how human rights is linked to tax policy
  • Changes in policies that affect human rights
  • Evaluate how tax policies can enhance human rights policies
Aim and Objectives:

Main cause of climatic change is the energy sector as it disposes of harmful chemicals and gases that destroy the environment. This topic will focus on how to charge and implement taxes on this sector and how can it improved to be more eco-friendly.

  • Asses the importance of energy and environment taxes in UK
  • Climatic changes caused by the energy sector and how taxation can help in improving the environment
  • Discuss on how taxes are being used to implement new policies and guidelines.
Aim and Objectives:

Small companies are charged with higher taxes, whereas, big companies are charged with low taxes. This inequality has stopped many businesses from operating and this will aim through quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis to impose tax rates that both the sectors can contribute to the development of the economy.

  • Difference between the tax system of big and small businesses
  • Evaluate how small business are being exploited through this tax system and how big companies are taking advantage.
  • Discuss how big businesses can be used to pay more taxes and help small businesses grow
Aim and Objectives:

Technology sector is the biggest tax paying sector as it has machines and equipment that’s involves tax before buying and after buying as well. The aim of this topic would be to evaluate how corporate taxes can help to reduce the amount of taxes that are paid.

  • Discuss the relationship between corporate tax and technology companies.
  • Investigate the changes in trends that have occurred to ease tax rates for technology companies.
  • Evaluate how technology can avoid paying excessive taxes
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to examine and determine as to why people avoid paying taxes and identify factors that would motivate them to pay taxes.

  • Discuss the mindset of people that avoid tax
  • Evaluate why tax evasion is a crime and what is the result of this
  • Discuss how this mindset can be changed.

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