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Tax Accounting Assignment Help


Tax Accounting or Taxation Accounting is another field in Accounting which is gaining significant traction in the previous years, owing to the rise of audit and tax regulation authorities. As such, Tax Accounting is now also being taught as a subject in degree programs and as a topic in Accounting, also causing an increase in the amount of students who eventually hunt for some Tax Accounting Assignment Help and Writing Service.

Why Are Students Now Being Taught Tax Accounting?

The main purpose of teaching Tax Accounting to students is that they can learn the sufficient skills necessary for preparing financial statements and documents which relate to the tax laws and whether or not the corporation is adhering to the rules set by Tax Regulation authorities.

The rules of Tax Accounting are such that they do not necessarily comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) but are derived from the frameworks of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

Taxable Income which is generated from the application of Tax Accounting rules is such that it differs from the Net Income generated on the Income Statement of the corporation. Taxable Income refers to the Gross Income; less the Taxable Deductions i.e. a tax rate is applied to the Taxable Income, so as to determine on what amount will be Tax Payable by a Taxpayer.

The common types of Income that are generally categorized as the incomes which will be subject to Tax Deductions are as follows:

  • Dividend Income
  • Any kind of winnings procured through gambling
  • Income earned from charging Interest
  • Winnings from a lottery
  • Compensations such as bonuses, merit pay etc.
  • Profits earned from sales done in real estate
  • Income from tips given

The methods involved in Tax Accounting focus more on tax rather than the preparation of the Financial Statements for the internal use of the corporation or for external usage such as to display the financial performance to investors, creditors, suppliers etc. As such, the many expenses are not recognized when seen from a Tax Accounting perspective as they are normally recognized in Managerial or Financial Accounting.

Tax Accounting is not only exclusive to corporations, but covers individuals as well. The reasons are illustrated below:

Tax Accounting for a Business Corporation

As far as business corporations and entities are concerned, they are usually subject to Tax Deductions especially on the revenue generated. The financial statements are also prepared separately which account the Taxation and Tax Deductions on the expenses as well as the revenues. The statements prepared account for:

  • Current year
  • Future years

Tax Accounting for an Individual

Individuals also earn and possess income which can be subject to tax deductions or which qualifies for tax deductions whether it is profit earned from investments or the funds that are coming into the possession of the person. Tax Accounting for Individuals is not done on such a grand scale as it is done for Business Corporations, since there is not much information available on annual tax returns which an accountant can utilize for calculating Tax Deductions. Nevertheless, funds received by the individual may still carry many tax implications.

When The Difficulty Level Calls for Tax Accounting Assignment Help

Since the subject is relatively new as compared to other subjects in accounting, Taxation Accounting is still not taught with the extreme focus or dedication to students, or is not easily understood by students. Auditing and Taxation is something which is now widely being recognized worldwide as a disciple which a majority of the population should be aware of.

Students who are studying Accounting will usually be given assignments to submit which in the end determines their overall CGPA. Students have to submit the assignments anyhow otherwise they will be marked with bad grades and might risk not achieving their academic degree

Therefore, students usually face the following problems when they are faced with the assignment writing ordeal:

  • A majority of the students face issues in differentiating between Financial Accounting and Tax Accounting
  • While some students can receive accounting assignment help for other subjects such as Managerial accounting, they may not receive the same from their teachers in matters of Taxation Accounting
  • Students who lack in writing skills may not be able to complete their assignments on time
  • Taxation accounting rules are consistently changing, and students have to keep themselves updated which is not an easy task to do so
  • A lot of teachers are not proficient with explaining the Tax Accounting concepts to students
  • Tax accounting concepts are not easily understood by the students unless they are presented with practical examples and case studies

The major issue which presents itself in front of the students when they have to complete their assignments in Tax Accounting is that they are unable to comprehend the main differences between Tax Accounting and Financial Accounting. The teachers who are teaching the students are not very well versed the concepts themselves since they are still teaching students the basics of the Accounting principles as utilized in other field such as Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting etc. When students are not able to receive the obligatory Tax Accounting Assignment Help, they are eventually not able to cope with the enormous pile of burden in the form of numerous assignments and may begin receiving bad grades.

Searching for “Tax Accounting Assignment Writing Service Near Me”?

Feeling the need for some sort of academic assistance is something that every student feels at some point. There is no harm in soliciting some external academic assistance especially if you are not receiving it at your concerned university or institution even after paying such extortionate tuition fees.

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