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Social Media Marketing refers to the marketing done via online social media platforms and has gained widespread traction in the last decade owing primarily due to the rise of Digital Marketing on a global scale. Often used interchangeably with Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing falls within one of the branches of Digital Marketing itself and has proved to be one of the most effective forms of Marketing to have a pioneering effect in the current century. Students who resort to soliciting some outside Social Media Marketing assignments help and writing service are the ones who usually have trouble in Social Media.

The term Social Media is currently such that every single person is aware on the World of it, and that they can instantly recognize the platforms on which Social Media exists and survives. With over a billion of the World’s population active on one Social Media platform or the other, the medium has found itself into the academics in Marketing as well, with courses starting from certification and going up to degree programs.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Commonly Used For Social Media Marketing?

Being of student of Marketing, currently studying Social Media Marketing as either your specialization or as an elective, chances are that you must be well aware of the major platforms on which social media exists. However, social media does not only comprise of social networking platforms, but all of the media present online. Social networking sites provide a medium for the content to be shared, and as such are not the only components to be taught in Social Media Marketing.

There are basically two types of Social Media Marketing techniques:

Passive Marketing A kind of an indirect approach, where customer engagement is sought via sharing of content on miscellaneous sites and people post their reviews, comments and share the content hence increasing engagement. This is a rather inexpensive form of social media marketing, where the brand or individual is not directly spending any money to market its brand on social media.
Active Marketing Can be referred to as a direct marketing approach, where the brands pay third party services to sponsor their ads and spend money on ensuring that their advertisements are viewable to the consumers. These are utilized by setting custom target audiences, where the brands choose where and how they want to market their product or service.

As far as Social Media Marketing is concerned, it is highly crucial that the proper Social Media Optimization is done through which all the marketing is done can in the end prove to be effectual. The purpose is to achieve Customer Relationship Engagement and hence generate leads. Majority of the students looking for digital marketing assignment help tend to face issues with lead generation only.

Now we move on to the Social Networking sites and mediums, employed for the usage of Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Platform Platform Type and Content Shared
Facebook Social networking site where people can share posts, videos, blogs, GIFs and much and pay for sponsored ads as well.
Twitter Social networking site where people usually post short instant tweets, and is a great platform for customer support. News channels etc. tend to release news via this platform on a large scale. Users can share videos, photos, GIFs in their tweets as well.
LinkedIn Professional networking platform where brands can make company pages and generate sales lead by sharing professional informative content. A great platform for connecting recruiters with prospective employees.
WhatsApp A messaging service app which has emerged as a steady alternative to regular text messaging. Users can send and receive text messages, voice notes, photos, videos, GIFs and can conduct audio calls and voice calls both on an individual level and for group calls as well.
Instagram A photo and video-sharing networking service with an increasingly engagement rate, as brands can share short and brief videos regarding their product and service. Sponsored ads help brands to convey their messages with much more efficiency.
YouTube A video-sharing website, currently the largest and the most popular in its domain. Consists of all kinds of content, including corporate media and user generated content. People can like, share, comment on videos and also subscribe to premium services where they can upload unlimited videos and watch ad-free videos as well.
Tumblr A popular blogging website, users can use sponsored posts as well to market themselves such as by sharing GIFs, audio notes (podcasts), videos, photos and much more.

When Assignments Cause You To Wish For Some Social Media Marketing Assignment Help

While the youth and the students in general are taken to be highly skilled with social media and social networking platforms when it comes to personal use, it does not necessitate them to become proficient Social Media Marketers in practical life.

Social Media Marketing differs from using social media for personal use, as the aspect of marketing and business is integrated into the domain. As such, students may normally come across the following set of issues when tasked with writing assignments in Social Media Marketing:

  • Not being able to correlate the marketing and business aspect with social media
  • Not possessing the tech-savvy skills which entails them to understand the technicalities involved in social media marketing
  • Not receiving the proper guidance from their teachers or professors who may be teaching them conventional methods of marketing
  • Not being able to understand on how to write the assignments as per the requirements

Asking for Social Media Marketing Assignment Help becomes inevitable, especially when students are going through either one or all of the above listed problems. In this era when the world is advancing rapidly at a steadfast speed, some teachers are still teaching students with the outdated methods in marketing which eventually causes them to become perplexed and not being able to complete their assignments.

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