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A project can be defined as a temporary endeavour that is undertaken by a company or a group of people in order to achieve a desired outcome from it. In order for a project to be successful, the most vital factor is how the people in charge manage it; which includes allocating resources for it, managing time according to its deadline and acquiring the set of skills required to carry out the project successfully. A good project management assignment help or writing service would be well rehearsed in all these core concepts and will utilize them well in writing an assignment.

Hence, project management can be defined as the application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques and the resources towards the completion of the project. These responsibilities usually fall under a company’s PMO or Project Management Office; which is delegated with the task of identifying and assessing:

  • Customer demand prevailing in the market
  • Strategic business needs
  • Customer requests and feedbacks
  • Technological advancements
  • Legal formalities needed to be fulfilled

These factors assist the project management office for better understanding the types of projects that are needed to be carried out and decide a project’s: scope, budget, timeframe for its completion and the resources (both capital intensive and labour intensive) that would be required by them to carry a particular project out.

Factor About Modern Projects That Students Should Know

Students often fail to grasp the importance of the differences between a traditional project and a modern project. This may be because of the fact that the books and course material that they follow still discuss the theories that were introduced decades or even almost a century ago. Over the course of time, the project management approach has evolved drastically with new methods being adopted; that oppose the trading way of carrying out a project. Below is a brief comparison of the factors involved in the project management process and how they differ in modern times than.

Factors of Project Management Traditional Approach Modern Approach
Goal of the project The goal in the past used to be certain, predictable and concrete in nature. The goal in any modern project is complex, uncertain and change according to changing needs.
Planning of the project Plans were previously designed to meet the cost, time and requirements constraints in past projects. Today they are designed to achieve the expected goals that may change over time.
Room for changes in the plan Previously the changes were made only during the planning stage. Now, due to modern projects requirement to be more flexible, the re-planning phase has become common these days.
Managerial approach An autocratic and rigid approach was used by past project managers. Today’s managers are more inclusive in decision making and consider the opinion of middle and lower staff.
Nature of the work Previously, the nature of work was linear and certain in nature. In today’s projects, the nature of work is unpredictable based on many factors and are non-liner in nature.
Environmental effect(s) The environmental factor was considered to have the minimal effect on the completion of the project. The environmental factor have a lot more importance in today’s projects as its effect is considered to impact the project till the date of its completion.
Monitoring and controlling The sole purpose of moinitoring a project was to identify any deviation from the plan and put it back on track. Today’s definition of controlling a project means assessing the environment and making changes to the plan accordingly.
Constraints Previously, all projects were considered having the same three constraints: 1) Time 2) requirements and 3) Cost In modern project, the three major constraints model has been rejected as IT had made the cost of doing business lower and other factors, such as environmental effect, have more dynamic.

Students usually do not consider the differences that these changes might have and usually go for doing their assignments using the traditional approach. Whether they be doing the assignment themselves or hiring a business management assignment help from outside; they need to consider the impact of the modern approach that it has on projects today.

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