Privacy Policy

The personal information of the client that is required by Best Assignment Writer is attained through the “Order Now” or “Contact Us” form and is used only for the confirmation of the orders, inquires made related to order status, provision of customer care services, promotion of new deals and notifications and all of the personal data of the client is kept highly confidential through securing it behind highly encrypted and reliable firewall that utilises the latest version. The personal information that is generally required for the delivery of the service queries constitute the name, contact information and e-mail address of the client. Clients are provided with the opportunity to use an alias as a substitute if they wish to remain anonymous and discreet.

Any visitor who goes through the website of Best Assignment Writer, a specific set of information is stored without the will of the visitor. This specific set of detail comprises of the IP address, OS version, access time, version of the browser etc. This information is chiefly for the determination of the optimisation of the performance of the webpage of Best Assignment Writer. If any of the visitor wishes to opt out of this anonymous security check, he or she may disable the cookies from the OS setting.

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