Fresh UK Nursing Dissertation Topics for Students for 2022

What is Denoted By Nursing Dissertation Topics?

Nursing falls within the Health Care industry and has been one of the most respected professions since a very long period of time. Nurses are taught with all the essential knowledge to tend to and look after patients and the sick people, and this work is usually practical based.

Nursing has also grown from simple diplomas to postgraduate and doctorate level education, since the scope of this field has gradually gained prominence in education. Nursing students can now study up to doctorate level, for which they have to write and submit dissertations as well, hence requiring Nursing Dissertation topics.

How Can Students Decide Between Various Nursing Dissertation Topics?

For any nursing student, it is vital that they are able to select a proper Nursing dissertation topic or generate nursing dissertation ideas to craft their dissertations accordingly and get done with their Nursing education. Selecting a Nursing Dissertation topic is also a hectic task as there are various topics available but not every topic will appeal to a particular Nursing student. The topic should be within their area of interests and one on which they can research and write without any complications.

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Which Areas of Nursing Can Nursing Students Choose From?

With the passage of time, Nursing has also found its way into mainstream education, with plenty of students now opting for specialisation in Nursing. Many of those who were diploma holders are now completing their graduation in Nursing to keep at pace with the fast-moving Nursing academics.

Nursing now also comprises of miscellaneous areas, from which students can choose from and accordingly craft their Nursing Dissertations such as the ones listed below:

  • Advanced practice nursing
  • Cardiac nursing
  • Critical care nursing
  • Forensic nursing
  • Geriatric nursing
  • Obstetrical nursing

These were just some of the professions which are available in nursing; there are many more areas students can choose to specialise in.

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  • To determine how smoking creates a sense of acceptance or belongingness to people under depression A Nursing Dissertation Topic which is concerned with how a lot of people find solace in smoking in the sense that it creates a sense of belongingness when they are feeling lonely due to depression.
  • Assessing the risk management activities of health care industry of UK This topic follows into an assessment of the present activities pertaining to risk management in the health care industry of UK. The topic critically analyses the activities and provides further recommendations on the places where gaps are identified.
  • The Impact of an Innovative Global Health Delivery Model in Kenya The Global Health Delivery Model was an initiative by the Harvard University which was implemented worldwide for increasing awareness regarding health and medical procedures especially in under developing countries. This topic follows into what impacts this particular initiative had in the country of Kenya and whether or not there were any positive outcomes of it.
  • Effects of Donor Proliferation in Health Sector Aid on Health Program Performance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Professional Societies and Physician Behaviour: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from the American Academy of Paediatrics Policy Statements
  • Consequences of Health Shocks Among Older Adults with Risky Behaviours This is topic of nursing which details on the consequences of health shocks among the elderly and older population who are already experiencing risky behaviours.
  • Examining the Effects of Tailoring Smoking Cessation Messages This topic examines and discusses the effects of tailoring and modifying the messages utilised in smoking cessation.
  • An Assessment of State Efforts to Combat Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities This is topic which concerns racial discrimination in health care and assesses the current efforts on a state level to combat racial/ethnic health disparities.
  • Developing effective nursing strategies for dealing with patients possessing acute and chronic pain: Case study of NHS This is a nursing dissertation topic which deals with the development of effective strategies in the field of nursing, to better deal with patients infected with diseases causing acute and chronic pain. This is supported with a case study conducted on NHS.
  • Critical analysis of community nursing and health care needs: A comparative analysis of UK and USA This topic follows a critical analysis of health care needs and requirements coupled with community based nursing and is supported with a comparative analysis on the nursing activities and needs between those in the UK and in the USA.
  • Analysing the societal acceptance of Marijuana: The case of developing countries A topic which is gradually gaining momentum; this analyses how the society in developing countries is slowly coming to terms with marijuana usage and are hence accepting its usage.

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