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Midwifery is a profession in the health sciences which deals with and is concerned with childbirth, pregnancy and the postpartum period (whereby the midwives take care of the mother) and of the care of a newborn. Usually, attendants who used to be present at the time when a woman was experiencing labour and was undergoing the process of giving birth were known as Midwives, but in the current times, nursing students are required to study professional degrees and diplomas through which they can be deemed as Registered Midwives. Due to the difficulty of this area, many students were at point searching for some sort of Midwifery Assignment Help and Writing Service or the other.

The practice of Midwifery nursing hails from an ancient period of time; most probably linked to the ancient Egypt and was subject to criticism on behalf of men in Obstetrics and Western Medicine. However, in the current era, Midwifery Nursing has been recognized as a legitimate profession with nursing students even being offered certification in the domain. A professional and registered expert in Midwifery is considered as a Midwife.

How Do Nursing Students Study Midwifery?

Since the field is rising in scope with the passage of time, students in nursing can specialize in Midwifery with a proper academic degree in Nursing such as Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Other than that, they are also required to attain the necessary certification from the Nursing and Midwifery Council to be deemed as registered midwives.

Students specializing in Midwifery are expected to study the following as further areas of specialisations:

  • Pregnancy and Chronic Conditions
  • Family Planning
  • Complications and Emergencies involved in birthing procedures and situations
  • Birth Specific Techniques to ease the labour process (such as Water Birthing)

Other than the above listed areas of specialization, students studying midwifery are usually taught the following as part of their academic program:

  • Ethics and Laws involved in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Basic Healthcare Skills
  • Midwifery Care

Continuity of Care provided by midwives whereby they are responsible for childbearing women is much different from the medical led care, whereby physicians and obstetricians are providing medical care.

According to previous reviews, it has been witnessed that such care delivered by midwives is known to have shown a:

  • A reduction in the usage of epidurals and instrumental births
  • A prolonged mean length of the labour period
  • A lesser chance for preterm birth
  • A decreased risk of losing the baby before 24 weeks gestation period

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Being a student of Midwifery Nursing, you must have at some point or the other found yourself highly stressed out due to the overburden accumulated as a result of numerous assignments. Students do not only feel the need for midwifery assignment help due to some mere issues, but larger issues in context.

As a student of nursing in midwifery, you may find yourself amidst miscellaneous issues resulting from:

  • Exhaustion due to numerous practical assignments
  • Time constraints due to hectic nursing schedules
  • Lack of writing skills in midwifery assignments
  • Trouble maintaining the consistent midwifery assignments

It comes off as no surprise that students in midwifery are not very much proficient in writing assignments since a majority of their work is concerned with practical assignments. Since they already have tiring schedules comprising of hectic routines, they usually suffer from sever exhaustion at the end of the day and are not able to squeeze in any time for their midwifery assignments.

Since the nursing students are used to doing much more practical work than theoretical work, they are not very much skilled when it comes to writing based tasks. This also adds to the main issues which cause hindrance in producing impeccable midwifery assignments, in the end, forcing them to seek some kind of nursing assignment writing service to help them make it through their degrees.

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