Best Marketing Dissertation Topics Free for UK Students – 2022

What Do We Mean by “Marketing Dissertation Topics”?

Unlike any other research paper, a dissertation is extensive and wide-ranging both in terms of length and for research. Therefore, as a student, you cannot choose any random topic to write your dissertation on considering how you to have to ensure that your dissertation topic offers all the necessary elements for producing an impeccable dissertation.

As a marketing student, you will be facing confusions in narrowing down marketing dissertation ideas and a topic which perfectly suits your needs and find that one particular marketing dissertation topic which adequately fulfils your requirements.

Why Would You Need a ‘Good Marketing Dissertation’ Topic?

Dissertations can take years to be completed depending on the academic level, topic, research etc. They tend to stretch beyond 25,000 words at the very least, and as such, you being a student would need to choose a topic which allows you to research and write efficiently without any hurdles.

Searching for a ‘good dissertation’ topic is a struggle in itself. Students have to carry out enormous amounts of researches, just to settle down on a single topic. However, with Best Assignment Writer, you can save yourself the struggle of going through the ordeal of choosing a topic by you, and have one made by us only.

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Which Areas of Marketing Are Currently Popular for Marketing Dissertation Topics?

Marketing is one of the most widely sought-after and popular fields when it comes to pursuing a career. Students even without prior background in marketing tend to study Marketing in their lives, for which they also have to write Marketing Dissertations.

  • Brand Management Dissertation Topics
  • Social Media marketing dissertation topics
  • B2B Marketing Dissertation topics
  • Market Research Dissertation Topics
  • Advertising Dissertation Topics
  • Public Relations Dissertation Topics
  • Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics
  • Consumer Behaviour Marketing Dissertation Topics

How Do We Help You In Selecting an Impeccable Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Being one of the best assignment writing services online, we readily offer students the facility to have a topic devised as per their requirements. Students have to go through a series of issues in settling down on the accurate Marketing Dissertation Topic, considering the diversity in the field of Marketing. However, with our services, students can render themselves stress and have a topic devised as per their requirements.

  • Assessing the impact of product placement on consumer purchase intention: Case study of FMCG companies of UK This is a topic for Consumer Behaviour Marketing Dissertation and in this topic, it will be discussed how the thought process of consumers affects their purchase activities.
  • To evaluate consumer perception regarding the acceptance of Islamic Banking This is a topic for Consumer Behaviour Marketing Dissertation, and revolves around how people have varying perceptions on Islamic Banking and whether or not they are comfortable with accepting the rules of Islamic Banking.
  • Comparative analysis of multi-level marketing systems in multinational companies: the case of Tesco and Wal-Mart This topic details a comparative analysis between multinational companies in terms of their multi-level marketing systems and how they have their effectual outcomes. The topic is supported with a case study of Tesco and Wal-Mart for establishing the analysis and provides sufficient evidence.
  • Analysing the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer purchase intention: Case of UK Cosmetics industry. This topic details how the psychology of consumers is such that they are automatically inclined towards purchasing products which have been endorsed by a celebrity. The topic is supported with a case study of UK Cosmetics industry.
  • Impact of word of mouth (WOM) on consumer purchase decision: Case study of Luxury brands in UK This marketing dissertation topic details as to how the ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing strategy brings about changes in the consumer purchase decisions. This dissertation topic is supported by a case of Luxury brands in UK to provide adequate evidence.
  • Examining the impact of customer satisfaction on consumer repurchase intention: Case study of UK banking sector. This topic examines on the factors which deal with customer satisfaction, and eventually employ a role in compelling the consumer to purchase a particular product or service again and again. This topic is supported with evidence from a case study conducted on the Banking sector of UK.
  • Impact of mobile marketing on customer relationship management: Case study of UK tourism industry This is a dissertation topic which follows into how customer relationship management is impacted by the strategy of mobile marketing. This topic is supported with a comprehensive case study on the UK tourism industry.
  • Impact of social media marketing on creating brand awareness: Case study of UK apparel industry An interesting dissertation topic which effectively explores into the current rise of social media marketing, and how social media marketing is heavily employed to create brand awareness, and the eventual impacts that social media marketing has overall. This topic is also supported by a case study of the UK apparel industry.
  • Assessing the importance of affiliate advertising and its impact on overall business performance This is a topic which falls into Digital Marketing and Advertising as well and assesses how affiliate advertising is employing a crucial role in enhancing the performance of a business in terms of coverage.
  • Critical analysis of the success factors which influence customer relationship Management: Case of UK retail sector This topic is an overall critical analysis of all the factors, which prove successful in influencing customer relationship management. This topic is supported with a detailed case study on the UK retail sector.
  • Assessing the impact of innovation on sustaining brand image: Case study of Apple Inc. This topic deals how innovation in an organization or in a brand helps to positively impact in the sustainability of the brand image. This topic is supported with a case study of Apple Inc. and how they embraced innovation as a means of sustaining brand image.
  • To study the impact of Online Media in revolutionizing Direct Marketing Theories. This is a topic which deals with how Direct Marketing Theories experienced revolution due to the onset and integration of Online Media Platforms in the present era.
  • Impact of Psychologically Manipulative Advertising Strategies on consumer behaviour An interesting topic for Advertising Dissertation topics; which explores on how miscellaneous tactics to manipulate the decision making abilities of consumers are utilised.

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