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Interview Transcription Writing


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Interviews contain vital and sensitive information and thus keeping a record of every file is critical. While it is not easy to maintain data of each and every audio, an interview transcription service can help you by providing accurate transcriptions. These transcriptions can in turn help you:

  • Preserve the entire information in a readable format.
  • Avoid the hassles of playing back and forth the entire audio or video file for the point you are looking for.
  • Make it easy to keep record of all the interviews with exact information.
  • Enable better coding of interviews for qualitative researches.
  • Provide concrete legal data for the interviews in case anyone wants to misrepresent the information.

Who Usually Needs Our Transcription Service for Interviews?

Interviews are conducted for different purposes. Following is the list of people who commonly reach us for interview transcriptions:

  • Psychologists or psychiatrists
  • Recruiters
  • Researchers
  • Lawyers or attorneys
  • Consultants
  • Journalists
  • Insurance providers

You might or might not belong to one of the above listed categories and still need transcribed interviews. You can do it yourself, hire a professional or look for an online transcription service.

Who Can Make Accurate Transcripts Of Interviews Near Me?

If you are looking for transcribing interviews by yourself, this might not be a good idea because:

  • It will take up all your time.
  • You might lack expertise required for accurate transcriptions.
  • You might be unfamiliar to different dialects and language spoken in the interviews.

Thus it is better to go to a professional service for easy and accurate transcriptions. There are many offline and online services that offer transcriptions that claim to be the best. As a result, choosing the legitimate one is a challenging task.

How Can I Find A Legitimate Interview Transcription Service?

You would come across multiple transcription services claiming to offer best transcriptions at cheap prices. However a scammed service cuts their cost with compromising the quality through:

  • Robotic Transcriptions: They use cheap softwares for saving their costs. Thus the transcriptions made have improper structure, grammar mistakes and improper abbreviations. A humanly done transcription can detect sounds like stutters and false noises and can avoid them.
  • Outsourcing: Companies that want to save their cost and they outsource their writers. An outsourced writer is not familiar with native writing styles and different dialects spoken in the country. Thus the transcriptions done by them are inaccurate.

These scammed services though offer transcriptions at cheap rates but ultimately compromise on the quality of the order delivered. A legitimate website hires native and skilled professionals to give you the best of transcription experience.

Get The Ultimate Transcription Experience With Best Assignment Writer!

Your satisfaction is our goal. We strive to give you the best transcription experience. From order placement to order delivery, we ensure top quality, each step completed by a separate team of experts:

  • Customer service team: Our customer service executive is at your service 24/7. They make sure that:
  1. All your queries are properly answered.
  2. All the orders are promptly taken with clear requirements.
  3. Follow up with the proceeding orders.
  4. Take your feedbacks and reviews to improve our performance.
  • Transcription team: We have subject matter specialists for each category of transcriptions. From medical to legal, our experts are natives experienced in the relevant field. They are familiar with all the dialects and writing formats required. Hence assuring 99% accuracy in all the transcripts of interviews
  • Quality Assurance Team: our Quality Assurance team consists of postgraduates who ensure:
    • Top notch quality of services by editing and proofreading
    • In time delivery of all orders.
    • Best transcription experience to customers with multiple facilitations.

Looking for an All-In-One Package? Contact us!

We stand amongst the best interview transcription writing service in UK. This is because we have thousands of happy clients who convey our multiple facilities through word of mouth:

  • All our transcriptions are 100% human based.
  • Your personal data is completely secured with us.
  • We provide transcriptions for all audio and video formats.
  • We have the most affordable rates with discounts and promotions.
  • We offer transcriptions in all UK dialects.
  • We have editing and proofreading services.
  • All our orders are delivered before the deadlines.
  • We offer 100% money back guarantee.

Excited about our services? Avail our interview transcription writing service right away by placing your order now!

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Transcription Pricing Plan

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(per recorded minute)
DISCOUNT (3-4 Weeks)
£ 1.15 £ 1.40
£ 1.65 £ 1.90
SPECIAL (1-2 Weeks)
£ 1.25 £ 1.50
£ 1.75 £ 2.00
STANDARD (3-5 days)
£ 1.40 £ 1.65
£ 2.15 £ 2.40
RUSH (1-2 days)
£ 2.15 £ 2.65
£ 2.90 £ 3.15
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