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What Do Mean by Humanities and Social Sciences?

Humanities and Social Sciences cover academics and subjects which seem to examine the human experiences in qualitative as opposed to quantitative methods. As such, the subjects taught in this particular disciple comprise of all those with heavy text and literature and where sudents are expected to employ their analytical and writing abilities. Students lacking in these essential skills usually scramble for Humanities Assignment Help and Writing Service so that they can cope with the numerous assignments in Humanities.

The Rising Scope of The Field of Humanities

While the general populace tends to consider the both as one and the same; Humanities and Social Sciences tend to go together, but there are still key differences between both of the disciples such as:

  • Humanities’ subjects tend to adopt an analytical and critical approach to provide answers, while Social Sciences rely more on scientific methods to work out unresolved questions.
  • Humanities’ subjects involve a lot of philosophical approaches than Social Sciences, and seek to explain the various factors as to what make us Human.

In a world dominated by Sciences and Technology based subjects, we as individuals are quick to presume that subjects of Humanities do not carry much leverage over the Science and Technology based subjects. However, on the contrary, Humanities has always remained somewhat relevant whether it pertains to Academics or to professional life.

Humanities boasts of a number of subjects, which students can choose to specialize in, and accordingly pursue successful careers as well. The table below consists of the popular subjects and branches of Humanities, and what each of them is concerned with.

Humanities Subject Concerned With
Anthropology The scientific study of human behaviour, of individuals, and of societies in the past and in the present. Anthropology further has branches such as Social Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Biological or Physical Anthropology etc. Anthropology is a field which explores in depth the behavior, history, activities of humans and of societies overall and as such; it includes aspects of archaeology, biology, nutrition, cultures, human interaction and much more.
Archaeology The study of human activity via studying and analyzing recovered materials and artifacts. Archaeology is taught as both a Social Science and a Humanities subject, and is also taught as a sub-field of Anthropology. It concerns a lot of practical study and archaeologists study various material remains from previous human life such as pottery, jewelry, monuments etc.
History The study of the activities conducted in the past. History is a broad disciple and consists of collection, interpretation and organization of information and data collected from the past. History varies from region to region and covers everything from religious history, social history, diplomatic history, gender history, world history and much more.
Linguistics The scientific study of Language, its structure, how it evolved over time, how it varies from society to society and individual to individual etc. Linguistics basically covers everything there is to languages from sound to words to sentences to dialects and much more.
Law and politics Rules and regulations set in a society or geographical region. Law is considered to be a subject of Humanities because a lot of set of laws employ a philosophical approach with a rich history, and vary according to the society, region etc.
Literature The study of written text, whether from the past or the present. Literature does not have a single definition, and follows into an analysis of all kinds of written text such as poetry, prose, plays etc.
Philosophy The complex study of problems which are further concerned with existence, truth, justice, knowledge, language and much more. This is a subject which involves a strong thought process, and does not rely much on practical implementation. As such, critical thinking and analytical skills with the ability to think beyond superficial matters is crucial in this subject.
Performing arts The usages of the individual’s own body, face, and the presence as the medium for communicating an idea or art. Areas in Performing or Performance Arts include the study of Musicology, Theatre, Dance and much more.
Visual arts The usages of other objects or materials for communicating an idea or art, such as Painting and Drawing.

Humanities Assignment Help Should Be Entailed When Possible…

Humanities is a field which is quickly gaining traction in the current era, as it reaps benefits in the sense that students are instilled with abilities such as:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing skills
  • Brainstorming skills
  • Empathy and Humanistic skills

The above listed set of skills are such that even students in the Sciences and Technology based subjects are required to have and employ in practical lives. However, igniting such skills in oneself or making use of these skills is something that every student does not possess. As such, students lacking in the above listed skills will eventually not be able to cope with any kind of assignments they will receive in Humanities, and will feel a general need for Humanities Assignment Help as well.

A student of Finance can learn all the financial concepts and practice the calculations, and may not need any kind of Finance assignment help, but as far as Humanities subjects are concerned, these require for teachers and professors to be highly well equipped with a pool of knowledge and strong analytical abilities to teach students from broader perspectives.

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