Free Dissertation Topics for UK Students for 2022

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One of the most difficult tasks is to choose a dissertation topic that matches your comfort zone because you know that your degree is at stake. It could create panic for you and can turn into a stressful situation even before starting. Although, choosing good dissertation topics is not something as difficult as it may seem.

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We present to you the list of top FREE dissertation topics to be reviewed, picked, and written on.

The creation of a research topic follows three aspects to be remarkable by all means which is:

  • Impactful
  • Interesting
  • Manageable

And, plays a part in adding value in the respective field. Our writers have been helping students by narrowing their search and generating the latest and the most trendy dissertation topics for the present and upcoming year.

Our panel of highly qualified writers is successful in creating research topics covering a wide variety of subjects that are engaging and plays an impactful role in research or market gap of the specific academia. While choosing from the list of free dissertation topics will be a great start for writing your dissertation, proposal, thesis, or report. No need to stress over it because British assignment Writers has your back with cheap dissertation writing services!

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Why Dissertation Help Is Important?

Submitting your dissertation is a crucial part of your entire academic life which starts with the selection of dissertation topics from good dissertation ideas. Avoid picking out a topic so generalized because that is not how it works. Before entering this black hole of research, try to pick out some basics. This means you collect information on what a dissertation topic should be like and how seniors pulled it off.

Align your academic goal and make sure it doesn’t overlap your professional goal. It could be anything from becoming a scholar in abstract art or an expert on pop music which is possible by a degree in the music industry. You will have to state your goal before initiating your skills on the dissertation. For masters or MBA students, the dissertation strengthens their PhD degree. For some, a dissertation is just a bump they need to cross for the degree. So, whatever your goal is professionally and academically you need to mention it in your dissertation proposal. If it seems too broad, dissertation proposal writing services would be a great fit.

Nearly all universities in the UK reward students with a graduate degree when they have successfully submitted, presented, and defended their dissertations. However, the score you get on your dissertation matters the most for the future as much as the present which means it should be one of the best dissertation topics that you’ve made selection upon for your research. It is what makes or breaks a dissertation where F means that you are doomed and an A is a dream. A good score makes the degree powerful which impacts your chances for employment and increases the chances of a good salary as well.

ONS declared that in 2018, 82% of graduates were appointed for a job who had better qualifications than the rest. The lower-degree qualified failed to make it to their dream jobs. It clearly states that those with low-qualification will always stand a step back from those who have higher-qualification. The biggest impact on your degree can be made through your final submission of the dissertation. If it is remarkable than your qualification status moves up a step.

BAW infographics

The Graduate unemployment rate fell to 5.1% with an increase in salaries of 2.9% (according to the prospects office for 2019). This clearly shows the importance of a dissertation on your degree and its higher level for career building.

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We aim to make this easy and very understanding for all students. So that dissertation topic becomes much more rewarding and interesting rather than pale and difficult. Now before jumping on your super urge to write your dissertation – keep in mind this dissertation will represent you! It is the mirror image of everything you have learned and studied showcasing your interest.

To gear up your creative hub for a unique dissertation idea you can always go through our dissertation samples to get an idea about the big image of a dissertation. Your topic should match your interest and passion. In the field of academic, one never stops learning regardless of age or degree. Therefore, your dissertation topic should be your strength rather than weakness.

Key-Pointers: Don’t infuse yourself into a topic that is out of your comfort zone just to impress your professor or classmates. There are other ways to impress them with your dissertation by presenting the one without a flaw.

Make time to brainstorm your dissertation topic idea and jot down everything that seems relevant at the time. You may get some inspiration from our writers who have numerous papers with dozens of dissertation ideas all over the place. Always remember that your supervisor and group mates shouldn’t be taken for granted. They may help more than you can imagine.

Best assignment writers UK is not asking you to be a teacher’s pet but do take an appointment from your professor and discuss your dissertation topic ideas with him/her. Elaborate whatever you see from your topic idea and discuss the foreseen outcomes. It enhances your self-image and gives addition to your field of study. The job doesn’t end here! You need to read hundreds of academic journals, articles, and research papers that specify your scope of study and dissertation topic. Go-through the previous studies and dig out the results comparing the current state of your topic.

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Better the Dissertation Higher the Income

You can be employed with a graduate degree once it is finished but have better chances of higher gross annual salary than others if your dissertation is smashing. How? Because when you are done with your dissertation/research projects is added in your curriculum vitae. It adds value to your CV and gives an impression to the reader. The ONS declared that graduates for the year 2018, are earning approx. £21,542 annually. In the discussion of scholars, it was said that students with a higher level of education are replacing the ones with lower-level of education. While the dissertation is a big step towards a higher qualification.

According to the brand new data from CV-library, the pay increase for graduates is 7.1% since last year. While the labor force survey shows the gross annual pay of graduated and undergraduates (2027).


So if you are facing difficulties while coming up with your dissertation ideas to finish your degree, always keep an eye out for a successful future. This is what will get you benefits for career development. Wouldn’t you love laying peacefully in bed thinking your dissertation is secure which means your job is secured and the future is filled with golden opportunities? Yes, you would!

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