Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

Forensic Accounting is a thrilling subject, it’s a mixture of accounting with analytical strategies to uncover financial crimes like money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. A lot of Forensic Accounting students study hard and perform well yet fail to earn their degree because their Forensic Accounting dissertation topics fail to impress the readers.

If you’re also struggling to craft some interesting topics for your Forensic Accounting dissertation then don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Our team of dissertation experts have handcrafted a list of authentic dissertation topics for you.

Interesting Forensic Accounting Dissertation Ideas by Field Experts

Brainstorming is the key to unlock your full potential when doing anything including researching for dissertation topics. It is recommended that you should brainstorm with someone experienced as much as you can before finalizing your topics. If you are unable to find anyone with good comprehension skills for brainstorming, then you can take these Forensic Accounting dissertation ideas as well.

Forensic Accounting might not seem like a broad but subject but it has a lot of options to choose dissertation topics from. For instance, you can craft interesting and trending dissertation topics on

  • Governance
  • Controls
  • Corruption
  • Money Laundering

And a lot more. You can take different kinds of approach for your dissertation topic regarding your area of interest.

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Don’t be disheartened you couldn’t succeed in drafting topics for your Forensic Accounting dissertation. Our team of PhD qualified dissertation experts have curated a list of interesting dissertation topics for you.

You can pick as many topics as you want and create drafts on them. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues at all because our experts have customized this list to help students who are looking for dissertation topics.

Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to investigate financial fraud through conducting analysis of financial records. The term also known to be investigative accounting constitutes application of specific skills and knowledge in the identification of unauthentic transactions and evidence gathering of the fraud.

  • Determine how forensic accounting improves the overall law system
  • Critically evaluate laws forensic accounting methods in law
  • Discuss how forensic accountants have focused on litigation support roles
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to evaluate what measures are taken to improve the economy through forensic accounting.

  • Discuss forensic accounting in context to growth and development
  • Critically evaluate the factors that lead to development of economy
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to discuss how modern forensic auditing can support control measure and eliminate fraudulent activities

  • Importance of forensic auditing
  • Discuss Auditing procedures that can be used to lower the risk of fraud
  • Investigate how forensic auditing can help mitigate fraud risk and improve the auditing process
Aim and Objectives:

This topic aims to implement forensic accounting systems in tax departments to allocate tax rates efficiently.

  • Discuss the tax system of UK
  • Evaluate factors of forensic accounting systems that can help to improve tax collection
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to contrast and compare forensic accounting methods with traditional ways

  • Determine ways how forensic accounting has supported auditing procedures
  • Differentiate between modern and traditional ways
  • Evaluate which way is better and provide recommendations to improve the modern way.
Aim and Objectives:

The aim is to analyze the laws and regulation if UK that use forensic accounting on daily basis

  • Discuss the accounting laws and regulations of UK
  • Evaluate the methods that are used in forensic accounting in context to law
  • Advantages and disadvantages of forensic accountants
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this topic is to discuss high profile cases where forensic accountants had to play a critical role

  • Discuss the cases that led to development of forensic accountants
  • Critically evaluate the cases that led to change in standards of accounting
Aim and Objectives:

This topic is based on profession of accountants and how they prevent money laundering

  • Discuss the impact of money laundering
  • Evaluate ways accounting profession is used to prevent money laundering through standards and auditing
  • Recommend why this profession is important for development of economy
Aim and Objectives:

Topic 9: The challenges of auditing in a computer-based environment

  • Critically evaluate the procedures of auditing
  • Investigate the changes in technology
  • Discuss how technology has had an impact on auditing
Aim and Objectives:

This topic aims to critically study and evaluate independence of auditors and the standards used to prepare a report.

  • Investigate the reliance of auditor’s independence
  • Evaluate the creditability of financial reporting quality of organizations
  • Discuss how reporting financial statements is important for shareholders and stakeholders.

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