Best English Literature Dissertation Topics – 2022

If you are seeking some of the best English literature dissertation titles that means your topic selection should be excellent. In terms of selecting a topic that suits your requirement and interest, Literature experts of UK has generated a short list for free dissertation topic selection for English Literature students.

  • The prevention of discrimination in the workplace: A study of real world cases.
  • The effect of age discrimination at workplace on performance of employees
  • The key factors for the implementation of sexual harassment law: A case of India
  • The culture of whistle blowing and its consequences within the company
  • Impact of International Trade Laws on the global expansion of business
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  • The influence of Australian Consumer Law on Green Marketing: A case study of Coca Cola 
  • Impact of Australian Consumer Law on Advertising: A case study of Starbucks
  • The Influence of Employment Laws on Recruitment in organisation: A case study of McDonalds UK
  • Impact of digital media on reflecting modern English literature.
  • A critical analysis of how homosexuality has been portrayed in modern literature: A comparative analysis of 19th and 20th century literature.
  • Critical analysis of the work of Ruskin Bond and how it has contributed towards modern English literature.
  • Analyzing the modern representation of power, ideology and women in dynasty China.

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