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Literature refers to written text in any topic or subject and comprises of a number of pieces such as fiction, poetry, prose, biographies, accounts, theatrical plays etc. English Literature as such refers to the written pieces of text in the English speaking world. The term encompasses not only Literature of England, but also of other regions where English is the main language of communication. Since it is now a widely considered subject in mainstream academics for majors, students may look for an English Literature Assignment Writing Service to make it through their assignments.

A subject of Humanities, English Literature also calls for students to employ the following set of skills in their academics:

  • Critical Thinking Skills: Critical thinking skills are essential in English Literature as they allow students to analyze and evaluate texts from various perspectives, develop arguments, and make sound judgments based on evidence.

  • Brilliant Writing Skills: Brilliant writing skills are necessary in English Literature, as they enable students to express their thoughts and ideas in a clear, coherent, and persuasive manner that engages their readers.

  • Ability to Perceive Beyond Superficial Statements: English Literature demands an ability to perceive beyond superficial statements, requiring students to dig deeper into the meaning, themes, and symbolism of the texts they read and to examine the author's intent.

  • Ability to Perform in-depth Analysis and Interpretation of Multitude of Texts: In English Literature, students need to possess the ability to perform in-depth analysis and interpretation of a multitude of texts, examining and comparing literary devices, themes, and structures, as well as understanding their historical, cultural, and social contexts.

  • Read from a Variety of Texts and hence Garner Knowledge Accordingly: To excel in English Literature, students must read from a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and other genres, allowing them to gather knowledge and insights that broaden their perspectives and enhance their understanding of the world.

  • Be Well Versed with Different Kinds of Writing: Being well-versed in different kinds of writing, including persuasive, descriptive, narrative, and expository, equips English Literature students with the necessary skills to communicate effectively and convey their ideas in different formats and styles.

What Is The Importance of English Literature in Present Times?

Many students often fail to understand the importance of English Literature as a subject, and may deem it as a simple subset of Humanities with no relevance in the practical world. However, the skills acquired from studying English Literature act as the gateway for students to a variety of careers. As a result of a lot of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) based movements gaining traction nowadays, English Literature is now earning prominence in mainstream education.

Students can successfully secure job prospects in the following fields even by studying English Literature:

  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Mental Health
  • Law
  • Non-Profit Organisations

The reason that students can venture on to pursue successful careers in the mentioned fields is that studying English Literature instills in them analytical skills which are helpful in almost every field. Other than that, they grow exceptional with writing, reading, researching and interpretation of a variety of texts, which in the end allows them to comprehend all kinds of technicalities as well such as in Finance or Law or Technology related fields. Whether if it is writing a screenplay, or communicating and coordinating with miscellaneous people or departments, or analyzing heavy text, or devising policies; English Literature students can definitely prove themselves proficient in all such areas.

While the topics and areas taught in English Literature are diverse in nature and abundant as well, students are taught the necessary text depending on their institution. English Literature on the whole, is derived of texts from various periods in history.

Literature Period Period Years
Old English literature The period from 450-1066
Middle English literature The period from 1066-1500
English Renaissance The period from 1500-1660
Jacobean period The period from 1603-1625
Late Renaissance The period from 1625-1660
Restoration Age The period from 1660-1700
Augustan literature The period from 1700-1750
Romanticism: The period from 1798-1837
Victorian literature: The period from 1837-1901
Modernism: The period from 1901-1922
Modernism: The period from 1922-1940
Post-modernism The period from 1940-2000

The table above lists all the era that students may be taught from in English Literature, and as such, it is evident that there is an enormous amount of literature to study from. The literature comprises of all kinds of prose, poetry, theatrical plays, drama, biographies etc. This is one particular subject where a major portion of the student’s time and energy is invested into reading.

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It is apparent that a subject like English Literature cannot be aced without the necessary guidance or the English Literature assignment help that a majority of the students would eventually need so that they can submit their assignments in English Literature.

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