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Criminology is one of the fastest growing fields in law which are nowadays preferred by and pursued by students worldwide. Criminology is broadly defined as the scientific study of criminal behavior and covers the behavior on both, an individual level and on a societal level. Since it is an interdisciplinary field in both the behavioral and the social sciences, it covers a wide array of research and aspects such as the study of the causes, nature, consequences and prevention of criminal behavior. As such, the research conducted in this particular field of law combines all of the research performed by other experts such as sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, biologists and much more. Therefore, it is incumbent that students studying this particular area will also search for some sort of criminology assignment help and writing service to furnish brilliant assignments.

Criminology is also preferred due to its interlinking with other disciplinary fields and is utilized in a wide range of careers. As a student of Criminology, you can hope to work in multitude of fields once you are done studying your Law degree with a specialisation in Criminology:

  • Forensics
  • Community Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Policy Areas
  • Legislative Bodies
  • Psychological investigative services

What Are The Areas In Criminology That Students Can Study?

Considering the wide scope of Criminology in present times, this particular area of law has further branched into various subtopics to cater to the growing need for understanding the miscellaneous reasons behind criminal behaviour etc.

The table below contains the further subtopics in Criminology:

Subtopic/Area of Study Concerned With
Comparative Criminology The study of crime across various cultures.
Crime statistics Statistical analysis and data collection for compiling statistics related to Crime.
Criminal behaviour The study of behaviours which constitute someone as a criminal.
Domestic violence The study of abuse inflicted by one person on another.
Deviant behaviour The study of behaviour which goes against set norms.
Evaluation of criminal justice agencies The assessment of strategies adopted by law enforcement agencies to combat crime.
Fear of crime The study of the feeling of being a victim of some sort of a crime.
The International Crime Victims Survey An international survey conducted on a large scale on crime.
Juvenile delinquency The study of crime committed by underage individuals and groups.
Penology The attempts of repressing criminal activities to satisfy public opinion.
Sociology of law Study of disciples between law and sociology.
Victimology The study of the psychological effects experienced by victims.

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