Best Criminal Law Dissertation Topics and Ideas for UK Students

A body of law, Criminal Law pertains to laws concerning different kinds of crimes that threaten, harm or endanger individuals as well as their property, safety, health and moral welfare. Criminal Law continues to be perhaps the most sought-after field for students of law, which is why most of them tend to start for criminal law dissertation topics before writing their dissertation.

How Can You Work on Cutting-Edge Criminal Law Dissertation Topics?

Before writing a dissertation, you have to conduct lots of research and craft a topic that goes along with your dissertation. However, creating a dissertation topic all by yourself is not that easy of a task. At bachelor’s level, your teachers and professors may help you but to an extent only.

When you grow up, you are mostly left to do your work by yourself. While this can allow you to be more independent, the task can prove to be extremely difficult to do by yourself at first since you may not have the experience and knowledge to do this.

A dissertation topic needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Broad enough to allow you to research with ease
  • Not too narrow that you are left with no room for research
  • In line with the requirements of your institute
  • Directly corresponding with your area of interest

In the digital age of today, we can research on the internet with ease and find a whole lot of information within a few minutes. However, it can be difficult to verify all the information that is available on the internet.

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Aim and Objectives:

The aims of this project is to challenge the four rights that are supported by criminal procedure on public interest in perspective of UK laws. The objectives to achieve this aims includes;

  • To understand of current UK criminal law achieves a balance between public interest and individual interest
  • To analyse if current criminal law ensures rights and interest of public in UK

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Aim and Objectives:

The study aims to analyse the developing forms of collusion in the UK bourgeois society and German law. The research focus on criminal legislation of feudal society of UK. To achieve above aim, several objectives are formulated:

  • To analyse the historical development of UK criminal law
  • To understand the Complicity in Criminal Law in the perspective of UK
  • To analyse criminal legislation of post-World War II in comparison to contemporary UK criminal law.
Aim and Objectives:

The primary aim of this research is to analyse how environmental criminal law is evolved in the United Kingdom:

  • To understand the reasons of evolution of environmental criminal law in UK
  • To explore the modifications and developments in old and new environmental criminal law in UK
  • To analyse if implementation of ecological law faces numerous additional challenges that cannot be addressed exclusively through criminalization
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this research is to investigate criminal law theory of international criminal law (ICL). This is focussed to study the central ethical obliging principles of criminal law.

  • To identify and clarify the important principles suitable for ICL
  • To identify if dominant understandings of the principles are depending on human constructs
  • To explore problems in in ICL jurisprudence
Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this research is to investigate if current criminal law of the UK, is efficient and includes protection of wildlife in the country.

  • To analyse the extent to which criminalisation of wildlife crimes has been efficient in applying UK wildlife law
  • To enhance sustainable management of wildlife resources in the country by analysing Criminal law principles of UK
  • To understand, if current law has effective in preventing such crimes.
Aim and Objectives:

This study aims to assess the influence of some important biological factors on the criminal law violation.

  • To analyse the correspondence of biological factors with law violation.
  • To evaluate the significance of biological factors in criminal justice.
Aim and Objectives:

This study aims to determine the role of mentally ill people in committing several harmful crimes.

  • To analyse the criminal behaviour of people with mental illness.
  • To evaluate relationship of substance-abuse with criminality.
Aim and Objectives:

This research aims to analyse the concept and rate of white-collar crime in United Kingdom.

  • To analyse the connection between white collar crime and violation of trust.
  • To identify the association of white collar crime within everyday corruption in UK.
Aim and Objectives:

This study aims to determine the violation of Human Rights through arbitrary arrest.

  • To understand the concept of arbitrary arrest in criminal law.
  • To analyse the obligations given under Human Rights Law related to arbitrary arrest.
Aim and Objectives:

This study aims to evaluate the differences between homicide and murder under criminal law, and address legal obligations with respect to these two different crimes.

  • To analyse the concept of homicide in criminal law.
  • To understand legal requirements against murder in the UK.

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