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What Are Cookies?

This website also uses cookies as is the common practice with all websites nowadays. These cookies are used tiny files which are downloaded to your computer, the purpose of which is to improve the user experience.

You can learn why we store these cookies, how we use them and how you can prevent these cookies from being stored into your computer (however disabling cookies usually downgrades or ‘breaks’ certain components of the website’s functionality.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are utilised for a variety of reasons which are listed as follows:

  • To showcase the contents of our website to you with complete functionality
  • To deliver information or services that you may request from us
  • To notify you about any website changes or services that we offer or may offer in the future
  • To provide you access to interactive features on our website
  • To perform our duties and enforce our rights arising from any dealings between you and us such as for order placing and billing

Disabling Cookies

If you wish to disable the cookies, you can do so by adjusting the setting on your browser. However, you need to keep in mind that disabling cookies will negatively affect the functionality of any website you are visiting and will result in unsatisfactory user experience. Which is why it is recommended that cookies not be disabled.

The option for disabling cookies is available in the Settings and Tools tabs in every browser.

The Cookies We Set

  • Email newsletters related cookies

Since this site offers newsletters and email subscription services, cookies will be used in storing information such as email IDs and usernames and also to display particular notifications for subscribed users.

  • Orders processing related cookies

To process order, payment facilities have been integrated into this website which requires the usage of cookies as well to ensure that the order is remembered between pages and processed accurately.

  • Forms related cookies

There are lead forms for topic and order processing on this website which make use of cookies for storing details for future correspondence.

  • Site preferences cookies

This website uses cookies to continue with the provision of functionality to the user and as such, necessitates the storage of cookies for remembering preferences. These cookies are also compulsory so that we can determine how to enhance the user experience with improved functionality.


Third Party Cookies

Special cases require the usage of cookies provided by trusted third parties. Details of third party cookies are listed as follows for your information:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is amongst the most widely used and trusted analytics solutions present on the web which greatly assists in helping comprehend how the site is used by visitors and how user experience can be upgraded. Cookies from Google Analytics usually track things such as the duration of the time spent on the page by the visitor and which pages a certain user visits more often, so as to produce and deliver the visitor with the engaging content that they seek.

  • Third Party Analytics

Similar to Google Analytics, this site has implemented the use of Third-party analytics which also stores cookies to track and measure how each visitor makes use of this website so that we can accordingly continue to produce content which appeals to the visitors. These tools also track the duration of the time spent on the website plus the kind of websites that each particular visitor checks so that we can determine the preferences of the visitor and deliver content in that manner.

  • Testing of New Features

Testing of New features from time to time requires for information from cookies to ascertain the kind of changes which would prove to be beneficial in terms of enhanced user experience and engagement. Upgradation of the website will be executed in ways that visitors continue to enjoy the website and the content present on it which can only be determined from the storage of cookies.

  • Business Predictions

This website deals with order placing and processing and as such, we need to make Business Predictions based on the statistics including the number of visitors who visit the website frequently and the number of visitors who are actually placing an order. These Business Predictions are obligatory for us as they allow us to monitor our advertisement and marketing costs along with the product costs that we can infer the best prices for the products and services we provide plus what kind of advertisements appear appealing enough to place an order.

  • Social Media Buttons and Plugins

Our website is connected to our Social Media pages which include our Facebook and LinkedIn page and as such, we have incorporated social media buttons and plugins on our website. In order to render the plugins and buttons workable, we have set cookies via our website for the social media pages which serve to enhance the visitor’s profile on the connected social media sites while also contributing to the data they require for miscellaneous purposes as per their respective privacy policies.

More Information

In case you feel that this page does not provide the sufficient and necessary information, you can contact us on our email or the phone number listed below:


Phone: +44-2071-937-705

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