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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help


Consumer behaviour or buying behaviour is the type of attitude that is depicted by a buyer towards a particular brand’s product or service, when they are in a position to purchase something. There are multiple factors which contribute towards a buyer’s final decision to buy something; they are mostly hidden as they are imbedded deep in to the cognitive thought process of any potential buyer. A good consumer behaviour assignment help and writing service, will always keep these aspects in mind, while coming up with a good write on it.

There are numerous factors a company might try to temper with in order for the consumer to make the consumers unlearn, relearn and retrieve new knowledge about the brand. Some of these factors include:

Past Experience & Perceptions: previous experiences play a very vital role in any purchase decisions. As a bad experience would negatively reinforce the urge to buy something whereas; a positive reinforcement could be a major driving force for an individual to buy something. Stereotypes and opinion from one’s inner circle also matters in this regard, as they shape consumer’s perception towards the brand.

Socio-Economic Status: the preference of those consumers who are facing difficulty in making ends meet will be far more different than those who are in the upper or middle class. Global brands know this factor all too well and they usually create homogenous product but with varying qualities and prices to cater, different socio-economic segments of the society.

Trends and Fads: the band-wagon effect is something that every company wishes to have whenever it introduces a new product or service. Word-of-Mouth and acceptance by the masses affects the cognitive desire of a consumer to go for them; in order to blend in and to be accepted by the society.

Attitude & Personality: some decisions made by the buyers are routine and require almost zero thought process, i.e. medicines, groceries, staple goods. Whereas, other goods or services could be one in which a consumer would go through much thinking such as: automobile, furniture, etc. It is the company’s responsibility to reshape these attitudes to their benefit. How difficult would that would be depends on the type of personality the consumer holds.

Domestic Culture: the culture of a society will also greatly impact the buying decisions of a consumer, as a customer who is an European citizen and is well educated, will be hard to sell something than a person who lives in a developing economy and has little product knowledge i.e. in Bangladesh and India.

Students who are tasked to write an assignment on consumer behaviour should make sure that they have extensive knowledge of these factors. Else, it is advisable that students should hire best assignment writers UK, who are experts in this field, to help them with their work.

Consumer Behaviour and its Importance For Marketing Students

If you are of marketing major, understanding consumer behaviour could be of the utmost importance to you. It could give you an edge by:

  • Helping you in identifying the underlying factor which leads to an increase or a decrease in total sales of your product or service. These factors are distinctive in nature and each one of them will have to be dealt with a different set of strategies. For instance, you cannot sell liquor in the Arabian Peninsula, just by rebranding it and reducing its prices; as their culture would not allow such a product to flourish there.
  • Helping in understanding which factors will help retain customers and generate a positive word of mouth. As if the consumer keeps on getting what he wants, in the same quality in which he wants; he would keep coming to you as your loyal client.

  • By helping you understand a trend or a buying pattern in which your sales goes annually. This could be important as then it would allow the company to focus more on quarters in which they have been witnessing a reduced sales turnover and devise strategies accordingly.

When doing their assignments or hiring a reliable marketing assignment writing service or marketing essay writing service for themselves, students usually forget to emphasize on the importance of consumer behaviour and make the mistake of going ahead with more practical examples; than covering the theoretical concepts. This may excite the reader of the assignment to read more but would come at the expensive of him not grasping the core concepts of consumer behaviour properly.

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