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Case Study Writing

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Case studies are important academic assignments. Your teacher can give you any case study to read and write a review on it, write an analytical essay about the topic or answer the mentioned questions. You might even be asked to do a presentation on the case study.

Best Assignment Writer knows how difficult it is for you to do case study writing. Reading the lengthy pages, doing a critical analysis, researching about the topic are all time consuming and as a student you are very short of it. Therefore we present you with an easy guide to help you with your case studies!


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  1. What Is A Case Study?
  2. Case Study Essay- The Favorite Assignment of Teachers!
  3. Is Writing A Case Study Very Difficult?
  1. Reading the case study:
  2. Analyzing the case study:
  3. Writing the analysis
  4. Proofreading the analysis
  1. How to Write A Case Study Assignment?
  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Problems and Their Solutions
  4. Conclusions/ Recommendations
  1. Still Asking, “How to Write a Case Study Report?


What Is A Case Study?

Case study is a research methodology where a case related to your subject study is given and you have to apply a theory on it or give the possible solutions to a problem.
A case study helps you in:

  • Understanding your topic in a better way and
  • Applying theoretical concepts with a practical approach.

A case study is about 500-1500 in word length and it totally depends on the guideline given by your school or college.

Case Study Essay- The Favorite Assignment of Teachers!

You might hear your teacher every week asking you to read a case study and write an essay on it. And if you think case study essay is written in the same manner as an ordinary essay, then you are wrong! They both may share the same word length but are very different in the matter they contain.

Is Writing A Case Study Very Difficult?

Writing a case study can become a stress if you don’t know its basics. Once you know its steps and format, you can easily make it without asking for help.

Case study analysis is made of four steps:

  • Reading the case study: This step involves carefully going through the case study. Though a case study is very lengthy, it is recommended to read it twice. Reading the case study helps in:
  1. Better understanding
  2. Highlighting the key points
  3. Taking key notes
  • Analyzing the case study: You can only analyze a case study if you have carefully read it and understood all its key factors. Analyzing a case study involves:
  1. Identifying the key variables.
  2. Determining the theories applied.
  3. Measuring the pros and cons of the solution.
  4. Providing supporting grounds for your argument.
  • Writing the analysis: Once you have gathered all the data, you can easily write the analysis. You will have to ask your teacher about the specific format, as not all case studies are written in the same way.
  • Proofreading the analysis: After you are done with writing your case study, you should always go through it thrice. Revising your case study helps you to further refine it and remove:
  1. Any repeated sentence.
  2. Syntax errors.
  3. Substandard vocabulary.
  4. Grammatical mistakes.

You can either proofread yourself or seek a professional help for experts.

How to Write A Case Study Assignment?

The answer of how to write a case study assignment totally depends on the type of analysis you are writing. Your teacher might give you a video clip, a small paragraph from a document or a complete article and ask you to either make a report on it or write an essay about the case study. Whatever the assignment is, it follows a general format of:

  • Introduction: The first paragraph of your case study assignment is introduction. It is mainly made of:
  1. Outlining the basic problem in the case study.
  2. Thesis statement of your case study.
  • Background: This paragraph demonstrates that you have done enough research on the case study. This includes:
  1. A brief overview of the problem or company you are writing about.
  2. Related facts of the topics.
  3. Also a brief write about of the theoretical concept being applied here.
  • Problems and Their Solutions: This paragraph may extend upto 3-4 paragraphs. It involves:
  1. Writing about each problem in detail and giving the possible solutions for it.
  2. Discuss specific strategies.
  3. Giving a solid evidence for each of the solution given.
  • Conclusions/ Recommendations: In this section, you can recommend further actions and summarize your case study giving an end note.

Still Asking, “How to Write a Case Study Report?”

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