Win the Expectation of Professor:Tips to Write a Peculiar Assignment

Win the Expectation of Professor:Tips to Write a Peculiar Assignment

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Evan Josh, I am mathematics professor! Sounds boring? Well it’s your choice to change the web page btw I am just sharing few points to win over the “x variable” I meant professor! i come up with lots of post on social media about impressing a professor and getting an A in a subject! This thing literally amazed me as how could be a student so dumb to ask this question? Like if you can’t master the skill to impress anyone how are you going to survive?

Anyways! After getting in touch with one of my students regarding this issue I got some deep insights of student life problem which actually amazed me. So I end up writing this write up for you all. There are various ways in which you can impress a teacher for good grade as in noting the lecture etc. but what I want to teach you are entirely different and proper way of getting the A! So let’s learn some beats first! I meant steps!


Well I want to first identify a problem then will tell you the solution.so, the problem is what I dislike about you (decoding: what are your mistakes)

Mistakes that you normally do!

1- Read the Guidelines Damn It!

What do you think? Why do professor give guidelines so you can flush them up while writing your assignment? And then you all come up to me with your hnd assignments as in do my assignment for me please! Well this is what I feel like at that moment!

2- Crossing your limits! Meant crossing the deadline!

Wow you have done the assignment with lots of law assignment help which made your assignment late! Great and then you are expecting to get an A Grade on the assignment too! What a fantasy!

3- Frustrations and reactions!

I get assignments which tell how their writer’s mental condition is! And surprisingly I get the most frustrated students ever in the whole universe! The way they write the solution I need an AI agent to decode what they meant and when they get F as I don’t understand their alien language this is what I observe as a reaction!

4- Creating your own kind of formula!

Trying to teach me some maths! Great man! Bring it own! Well I will observe how the whole class can play your tune without understanding it. Will be fun to watch! Btw that formula (tune) I taught in junior sections, if you’re copying them you are still COPYING ME!

5- Not being attentive in class!

What do professors look like to you? A dumb creature?

We do notice when you are really being attentive in class and when your deceive us while lectures. And the frustrating point comes when we have to teach you same formula for tenth time as you have missed a class which got its basics! But still we have hope in you. Respect that!

These were some unacceptable crimes that you do while being a student. And trust us these crimes really lower your respect in front of us as when you have a bad impression on teacher he will not think great about your assignment too. Whenever a student comes to our course we have different expectations from him. Here are few to ponder upon. If you wish to! I found something that you all could relate to give it a read! But still I want to discuss some very major tricks to win over the professor to get and A!

What we are expecting is!

1- Respect us!

When you entered the door of my classroom you became like my own kid and what do parents demand from their kids? Its respect and love! So we deserve that too. So show us the respect and dedication and we promise you to take you to new heights of knowledge and will make you a winner!

2- You are still a kid to us:

Yeah you are old enough but you are still a kid to us so stop being like know it all in front of us! We have been through your stage already and know how things are different for you.

3- We know how to train you:

You have good iq level good! You have read the whole book great! But still WE KNOW HOW TO TRAIN YOU! As we are the teachers! So do what you are told to do! Want to add something in the lecture. Come up in a polite away!

4- We are there for you ALWAYS!

Sometimes students shy away from teacher and do not show their actual potential although they share their ideas with their fellows. Just want to say: Trust us! We will be there for you all kind of imagination!

5- You are our pride!

Surprised? But this is the reality! A student is the only treasure a teacher can have! You are our pride! Whatever you achieve is our achievement!

6- Focus on your work!

No one can do your work better than you do! Be perfect in your work. If you need any assistance or have any problem ask us before deadline!

Earn it!

You need an A on your assignment? You need to win your professor? You have got a earn that! Because nothing is free in this world!

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