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Why Do Students Buy a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a summary of your dissertation in general. But it’s true that writing a proposal is the trickiest thing ever because it needs to be written in a compelling manner that arouses the attention of a reader. And a well-written dissertation proposal is the only way you can get your dissertation topic approved.

But how to write a dissertation proposal?

Just follow the steps below and get started with it:

  1. Topic Selection:

    You need to make sure that you select a topic that best suits your field and you are also able to understand it fully

  2. Make an outline:

    Make an outline or a plan and divide your work into small tasks, this way you would be able to give equal concentration and time to each of your tasks

  3. Introduction:

    First comes the introduction. In this paragraph, you need to highlight the background and the issues of the topic

  4. Aims and Objectives:

    Here, you need you to discuss your main objectives and motivation behind this research

  5. Methodology:

    In this section, you need to describe your strategy and where you will be obtaining the data etc. In fact, always remember that your research should never be limited to your journals only, it should have an impact in your respective field as well

  6. Literature Review:

    This section talks about all the researches and surveys that have been conducted previously on the same topic as yours

  7. Research Findings:

    In this paragraph, you need to discuss where you will extract the information from and what are going to be the sources

  8. Conclusion:

    Last but not the least, conclude your whole research. Apart from discussing the results, this paragraph should also contain further assumptions and recommendations about the topic

  9. Bibliography:

    The citation is very important. Cite all the sources in the required style because it saves you from any plagiarism charge


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