What is higher education according to UK Experts?

What is higher education according to UK Experts?

This blog will walk you through the many stages of education system in UK. It gives a detailed account of what future holds for higher education in UK, and how can you prepare yourself for the future.

What comes after 13 years of education? Existential Crisis.   

The agonising process of choosing the right schools to send applications to in the face of equally disappointing grades can be a pain if anything. It is embarrassing enough to hide your A level results from peers when your transcript laughs in your face with Cs and Bs, and the minimum requirement to get into a reputed institution is straight As.

Let me tell you, it is okay. Yes, it is okay to face failure because only then will you be able to enjoy the sweet taste of hard work that you have been conveniently avoiding – kidding. But, no really getting into universities is no joke especially if you are dreaming of studying in UK. Let’s start from the very basics so you can grasp the whole system of education in UK.

It’s going to help you reach the top – so sit there with your cuppa and read, you lazy person. 

An Overview of UK Education System

Education system in UK is divided into four key stages:

  1. Key Stage 1: This is for kids of age 5 -7 years and comprises of basic training.
  2. Key Stage 2: This is for kids aged 8 – 11 years when they are learning new things such as science and maths; if only our young selves knew what maths would we would have never screamed at the top of our lungs that maths was our favourite subject – say aye if you agree.
  3. Key Stage 3: This stage is for kids of age 12 to 14 years (basically the time they are getting high on hormones) in this stage their area of study moves towards the peculiar topics such as biology, chemistry and so on. This stage prepares them for national assessment i.e. GCSE.
  4. Key Stage 4: This stage is for kids of age 14 to 16 where they take the GCSE exam and await results while performing their religious duties and praying for good grades.


After this students either opt for the diploma course or they appear in the A levels exams arranged nationally; they have a choice for taking two courses according to their interest. Yeah, some smarty pants choose 4 because they like proving their “intellectual superiority” – Good for Them!

What is Higher Education in All Honestly?

Let’s be clear on one thing – higher education is either 3 years of education or 4 years of education sometimes referred to as ‘sandwich course’ to enable you to enter a career of your choice.

UK is home to some of the best universities in the world, but they also cost an arm and a leg. In order to get into one undergraduate program you might have to mortgage your house, cash all your piggy banks and still be a thousand dollars short. On average undergraduate program at a UK University costs around $14,300 per annum. Multiply that by 3 and that’s your total bill for getting a degree.

These degrees also get you jobs, don’t be ungrateful Sam.

University Application Marathons & Aptitude Tests

By this time you are around 18 years old, holding your transcript staring wide outside with nothing but dreams in your eyes. As a student in UK you are probably expected to look out for career counselling agents and not horizons- save it for later. (Yes, the same suspicious looking well-dressed men and women that they show in movies). Well, they are not that bad – trust me. They will help you send out applications and get recommendation letters from teachers that you might have despised your whole life and get admitted into adequate universities.

Oh, yes. You are also supposed to work with your essay that is a part of your application – write an exquisite piece of literature as to why you should go to best dissertation topics for creating yet another piece of writing that will determine your future. Gives me anxiety every time I think about it. 

After your application gets accepted most universities admit you on the basis of standardised aptitude tests that you need to pass. Some universities require you to come for an interview – and if you are applying at Cambridge or Oxford then interview is a pre requisite.

What Makes Students Go GAGA for UK based Higher Studies?

If it is acceptable, I would say it is the amalgamation of clean British accent and well-dressed professors. But, that’s not enough is it? Well, to answer this frequently asked question here are a few things about UK education system that make it stand out:

  • UK universities work on merit. No matter what cast, creed or culture you belong to UK based universities are going to accept you with arms wide open if you are talented, intelligent and completely woke as a person.
  • UK universities are diverse. Benazir Bhutto, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi all are graduates from UK based universities.
  • UK offers years of culture and rich history that you can enjoy off campus – imagine sitting in Tuscany styled road side cafe sipping up hot tea with tea time delights – makes me want to leave my seat and grab a ticket for UK.
  • UK offers a 3 year undergraduate programme while USA offers the same program in 4 years’ time and with a much higher cost!
  •  UK doesn’t require SATs for admission so? Relax!
  • UK based degrees are held in high esteem
  • UK is now introducing virtual technologies in universities that offer medicine programs and nursing programs – I am pretty sure we have all played that bizarre augmented reality game where the surgeon is operating on a patient with clippers and electric cutters, well now you can enjoy much precise surgery without mutilating the poor soul. 
  • UK based universities carry legacy and due to their name in the market, it is relatively easier to score a job as compared to other universities.

Brexit: Endgame for Many EU Students?

As we discussed a candidate’s application earlier it is very much alarming that international students might be barred from getting into higher education institutions in UK because of BREXIT deal. Brexit deal would result in sending back many international students leaving behind a void for research and funds. It’s a tough situation out there many aspiring individuals.

Rankings of UK based universities have instantly gone down. There are rumours that fees for universities might even go through short term changes for EU students. It’s a sad state. Save yourself the trouble and apply to better universities elsewhere.

Summing it all up, higher education is the making or breaking point of a person’s future. If you are willing to pay and earn a degree that allows you to succeed in life and make something out of it than higher education is a must. A lot of individuals think getting a degree isn’t enough, which in my opinion stands true, you need:

  • The right professors who relay the right information
  • Environment that is conducive to learning
  • Exposure to different sources for acquiring knowledge
  • Motivation and ambition to continue pursuing your goals

If only Anthony Robins hired me to debut at one of his lectures, I’d make a great orator! Jokes apart, as Jojo Moyes wrote in me before you:

“You only get one life, Clark. It is your duty to live it as fully as possible”

So live, and achieve your dreams and leave the rest on global assignment writing help, that will help make it through university!

Author bio

Adam Sheen is a talented writer who creates educational blogs for best assignment writer. In his free time he likes reading dystopian future novels that help him write critically over the exiting education systems.

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