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Waiting For a Genie to Help You in Your Dissertation Writing?

When you are in school, how much you wish to get to your senior year so you finally can begin to enjoy life. You fancy getting into college or university to eventually be able to hang out with friends, have fun and bunk classes. How naive! Little did you know that this college and university life is going to bring you a whole new point of view and you may start seeing things differently once you experience how it is to be a college or university student. Once you get into college, or university, you think of the days when life was actually, really a bed of roses. “Did I really get so much excited for this?” is all you ask yourself.

We all have heard somewhere that humans are never content, and the situation mentioned above proves it. But on a serious on, it’s true. Once you are in college, you’re so done. Besides savouring your early college/university life mania, there come situations you probably did not have any idea about. Your duties and responsibilities skyrocket. Your daily tasks increase and before you even realize, your easy days are gone. Keeping up with co-curricular and extracurricular activities seems impossible. Class tests, group projects, homework, assignments; it all starts to pile up. As if it was not all, the most terrifying thing comes up; dissertation writing.

That’s when you start wondering, “How good would it be if I had a magic lamp? I could rub the lamp anytime and get the genie out and ask him to grant my wishes.”

Feels amazing to even think about it, right?
Well, not really! Even genies are afraid of the word dissertation.
Dissertation; the term itself sounds so dreadful, doesn’t it?

Dissertation Writing – A nightmare brought to life!

It will not be an exaggeration to say that this is not all the problem you face… Main problem comes when you have frequent reminders of deadlines to submit your dissertation. After all, your whole degree depends on it. You try to give it your best but the anxiety and depression kills you inside. And why not? This sort of thing really is a slayer!

They say dissertation is for their better assessment. Well? What better assessment when you develop unhealthy and destructive habits. Unhealthy eating, stress and sleepless nights disengage you even from the things you enjoyed doing, it all results in nothing but slipping grades!

Specifically speaking, each subject, each course matters for good grades and points. But in such conditions, you may get bonkers, absolutely bonkers! Once a student in such circumstances was asked, “What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?”
Guess what her reply was?
“Mariah Carey.”

Yep, that’s right. That’s exactly how you may start thinking if you don’t find a cure to this condition of yourself. In physics class, you may feel as if your brain hertz. In your developmental biology class while studying mitosis, your undivided attention is required. You think you may fail marine biology as your grade gets below C level. And of course, exothermic reactions are not cool, either! And with all this mess you get a responsibility of writing a dissertation that is going to drain all your remaining life out of you.

After going all this catastrophe, you finally decide to copy a pre-existing dissertation and change it ‘a little bit’. Ahem, that’s what you get consequently.

That’s when you realize you probably made a bad decision. Anyway, you don’t want that, do you?
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