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Top 20 free dissertation topics to choose from in 2019!

Getting a doctorate level degree is anything but easy. As if getting the degree wasn't difficult on its own, the research paper expected from you is one of the most tedious tasks you'll get to do in your academic life.

Each step in writing a dissertation will require you to possess critical thinking skills and in-depth analytical questioning. It would be best to buckle up because it’s going to be a bittersweet ride.

One last question before we head further:


Follow our golden points to select the perfect dissertation topic for you!

The first thing that will most likely cross your mind, before diving into the research phase of your paper, would be the topic that you want to write on. Of course, it has to have a degree of significance in your field of expertise and so, must be one that you think would be good enough to get you the dream degree. You can read my blog for getting further insight into writing a good dissertation!

Much like a superhero, I’ve come to rescue you from your topic selection worries and mentioned some things to consider. According to law dissertation topics bloggers, these points will most definitely help you streamline a few topics that you can further shortlist and finally choose!

Evaluation of the scope of study


Interest evaluation with student requirements


critical review of existing literature


Identification of exisiting literature


possible value additions


Deciding topic statement


Finaliszing score of topic

Examples of free dissertation topics that can help you out!

If you’ve done your major in education, you’ll have lost of options to choose from. You may be considering working as a classroom teacher, organizational advisor to a member of an administrative team. Now, if you’re wondering what you could do with a doctorate’s degree in education, my answer to you is A LOT. Yes, it has the power to completely catapult your career!

As suggested by the best assignment writer UK, this degree equips you with the knowledge to demonstrate record capacity and identify problems, while also planning practical solutions. Beware of plagiarism when writing your dissertation, as it needs to be entirely original and unique. This blog provides a deep understanding of plagiarism concerns that are extremely problematic.

With a doctorate degree in hand, not only will you be many steps ahead in terms of skills and qualification, you’ll be able to take on leadership across a wide spectrum of industries!

To help you with some choosing the right topic for your dissertation, you may look at those that I’ve listed below:

  1. Do foreign students go abroad as an excuse to travel?
  2. How does working as a taxi driver and navigating change a person’s cognitive thinking tendencies?
  3. To what extent can reality television be disempowering for students?
  4. The role homework plays in the lives of immigrant adolescents.
  5. The impact of teachers’ behaviors in fostering students’ creativity.


Studying law is not a piece of cake. In fact, the practice of Law demands you to be righteous creative, empathetic and argumentative in nature. The marketing dissertation topics bloggers suggest that the legal education system has been phenomenally developed to sharpen students in learning various traits that lawyers require in their professional lives.

  • They are exposed to a wide range of legal subjects, such as contracts, torts, criminal law, corporate law, jurisdictions, etc
  • Provides the future lawyers and judges with a bora array of perspective to enhance their work in other subjects like philosophy and history
  • It offers students with a supervised, rigorous and disciplined opportunity to learn legal practices
  • Clinics, trial practices, and externships allow young students to gain practical exposure in the early years
  • It gives them various opportunities to work on journals in a wide range of law schools that are designed to enrich the education of future layers in writing, advocacy skills, and diverse political perspectives

To help you choose some topics, here I’ve listed some topics for you:

  1. How have criminal laws influenced people around the world by the war on terror
  2. Choose a country and analyze their policies on discrimination in genders
  3. Assess the degree of protection given to the minority shareholders as dictated by company law
  4. Deliver a critical analysis of the law of omissions liability
  5. Investigating and analyzing complaints filed in the criminal justice system

Computer science

If I were to tell you one field that is rising at an exceedingly fast rate, I'd say computer science. Considering how students are being exposed to technology and resources in or the digitally driven world, there's no doubt in the fact that they are being encouraged to explore the world of computer sciences to greater extents.

The set of skills and knowledge of computer science is also beneficial to those not pursuing it as a career. Since we live in a digitally driven world today, it’s a mere necessity to know their workings.

When choosing a dissertation topic in this field, you may choose topics like the ones mentioned below:

  1. An analysis of how publishing is affecting e-libraries
  2. New approaches for studying the behavior of malware, viruses, and worms with the use of secure programming
  3. A study of redundancy and fault recovery in the 3G wireless networkAssess the degree of protection given to the minority shareholders as dictated by company law
  4. An analysis of the optimal algorithm vs. the heuristic algorithm for the generations
  5. An examination of how full-text databases affect search engines


In simple words, I’d say that psychology is the study of who and what people are. This subject gives you a deeper understanding of the connection between the working of your mind and body. The knowledge acquired from it can be implemented to help with decision making and also avoiding stressful conditions that are prevalent in our lives. Writing a dissertation regarding this subject can be quite tricky. This is because it has a wide spectrum of concepts and theories that are enter wined with other subjects. Since psychological studies are common to all human beings, you must make sure that the research you compile has a definite scope in the world.

  1. 16 How the evolution of the human brain can be comprehended in terms of human cognitive development
  2. Validation of the multi-dimensional nature of schizophrenia
  3. How rational thinking and impulsive factors contribute to decision-making
  4. An analysis and review of the psychology of religion
  5. How exposure to nature has effects on happiness


The topic selection phase when writing your dissertation can be extremely tedious. The topic you select has to be critically analyzed and then confirmed from your instructor, before heading any further. With the appropriate expert help, you can easily do this and conduct extensive research on it to get the doctorate degree that you've always wanted!

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