Win the Expectation of Professor:Tips to Write a Peculiar Assignment

Tips to write a great College Assignment to earn good grades.

Are you searching for some shortcuts for good grades? Oh YEAH! I know the feelings!


Hey I am Harry! Not the potter though anyways I have something magical to share with you today! What is it; well it is a problem that worries every student no matter what age he is and what level he is so here we go Tada!

Spell to make your professor stunned:


There are number of ways to stun your professor and for that I searched the whole internet and I found something very decent to study then I got determined to read it and I woke up after 2 hours. Seriously man! How can anyone concentrate on this while in college? And how can someone be soooooo serious while in college! Take chill pills man!

Finally , I thought of creating my own bippity boppity boo, umm I meant shortcuts or you may call it tips to get those damn (voldemort) A’s!

Whoosh the wand and do this!

Here are some shortcuts to assignment writing that you need to focus

So the first tip….. Never share your own ideas or answers!

Oh I know you have a Ron beside you! But is it necessary to share everything with bestie? Certainly not! Do your own brain storming and research, write your assignment or essay submit it and then help Ron! This way you can beat plagiarism. Trust me on this bro!

It’s hard but just try to take notes in class:

Trust me I have been through a scene when I bunked the class and later on my friends (specifically Mr. Ron) gave half instructions of the given assignment. It cost me my beloved voldemort (A). so I decided to never bunk my classes after that and luckily this help me a lot as I get an exact idea of what teacher is demanding from us. Taking notes is fun if you can sketch them in your note book (just a side tip btw)

Time to catch golden snitch! I mean time to focus!

Focus on your own assignment then asking for help. Focus is the main thing while starting your assignment. It can win you an assignment. There are certain ways in which you can set focus on the golden snitch I mean assignment. As in;

  • Define your objective:
    Why and how you are going to write this assignment? What is your main theme or idea?
  • Avoid distractions:
    You should know what your distractions are? as in using any social media etc. and try to avoid it
  • Set goal:
    Set a target to complete specific number of words or pages as in 400 words in half an hour etc.
  • Organize:
    Having a certain pattern helps you in achieving your target in certain way of time. Organize your assignments in small headings or paragraphs and calculate the time to achieve them.
  • Breaks:
    Take breaks after some writing and check what you have written after some intervals.

Search for voldemort! (Decoding) Do research!

Feeling sleepy nay? But you have no choice! You need to have a thorough research about your topic and explore it with every angle. Take assignment help London from the pool of internet knowledge and books. But do your own work pleasssse!

Its Hermione time! Planning!

Researched well? Great! Now plan your assignment. Design your assignment in such a way that it becomes hard for professor to reject it. Use proper headings, insert facts and figures. Plan the whole assignment in a rough draft to know what you will present as final assignment. Make a proper structure of your assignment.

Time to use intelligence (if you have it)

Write the assignment by mixing up brain storming, research, facts, figures, valid arguments and make a wining potion! (Yeah you are not reading pottermore! Relax)

Do you know Scabbers?

Confused? Well the real scabber in assignment writing is FORMATTING STYLE! Do formatting in a way that it guides the professor to next level or heading. Don’t just write an assignment in ambiguous way and submit it. Do proper detailing like page numbers, headings, fonts, colors and most important outline your assignment.

Have mercy on the professor!

Read what you have written! Your professor is not alien who can interpret your strange facts and arguments. First read and try to figure out mistakes in your assignment.

Don’t wait for the death (deadline):

Got an assignment due? Do it as your first priority! Do not wait for last point to get it done or ask anyone else to do my hnd assignments.

In the end it do matters!

If you are going through these tips, you are going to definitely win the heart of professor but there are few things you need to avoid too; like:

  • Grammatical error:
    Grammatical errors are the things which will ruin your assignment like you lost a golden snitch. No matter how good is your assignments but if you have grammatical mistakes, watch out for loosing grades.
  • Poor structure:
    If your structure is poor you won’t be able to win the assignment. So design your structure properly.
  • Repetition:
    Do not repeat the same point of same sentence again and again! It will bore your reader.


Do your work with fun!

Yeah I am not in mood of writing a fancy conclusion so let’s jot it down. Do your work with fun! Don’t bore yourself that will results in low productivity.

Be honest with yourself!

Be honest with yourself that either you have put on 100% of your effort or not. This will make your perception clear about your future goals and studies.

Write to impress yourself!

Was it worth writing this assignemnet? Was I honest with my search? Write in a way that you get impress by yourself too.

Make a difference!

Did you made any difference by writing this assignment? Ponder on that!

Anyways that was from my side! Bye!

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