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Are Searching for Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics? Then We Have Something in Store for You!

If you are looking for marketing dissertation topics, then sit back and sit tight because you are at the right place. Selecting a good thesis topic can be a difficult task but it is much appreciated if you organize things rather than letting the fear of dissertation writing eat you up completely.


Instead of shillyshallying about the matter, let’s get started with it:

So folks, your quest for finding marketing dissertation topics should start from looking up for interesting marketing articles and facts which you can only get from the most reliable websites available on the internet. To name a few, there is Harvard Business Review (, Forbes (, The Economist (, Bloomberg (, and Inc. (

The mentioned websites provide the latest and authentic news internationally. So, reading up regarding your area of study on these websites will keep you updated of all the current and old news. Once you are aware of the current information about your field, it will become much easier for you to think of interesting marketing thesis topics. Also, reviewing recent news will not let you choose an outdated topic which cannot influence or grabs people’s audience.

We are listing down some topics on which there is already a thesis available on the internet. Read the research and get a better understanding of what your topic should be like and how you are supposed to write your research work.

  1. The impact of marketing-sales relationship on business performance by Aalto University, School of Economics.
  2. An investigation into the marketing strategies of West London Golf Clubs by the University of Birmingham.
  3. Master of science in marketing by Lisboa School of Economics and Management
  4. Study of the effectiveness of the online marketing on integrated marketing communication by Dypatil University.


The above studies will give you a better insight in choosing good marketing dissertation topics.


For instance, also check out the following marketing topics for your research.

  • Understand what customers value
  • Follow dubious orders or speak up?
  • Why localizing marketing doesn’t always work
  • How one company used data to rethink the customer journey
  • Creating customer value by harnessing data
  • Rethinking marketing measurement from the ground up
  • What marketing strategies should be used for hotel business to attract new clients?
  • Does irritating and silly advertising reach customers more effectively than an ordinary one?
  • Finding the perfect pace product launches
  • Why marketing analytics hasn’t lived up to its promise
  • Lifestyle and marketing


Study these topics carefully only if any one of them interests you. Remember, before settling down on any one topic, ask for advice from your professors, seek their guidance as much as you can, and ask feedbacks from your friends and colleagues. Just bear in mind, ‘Discussion always helps!’


We hope you would find this article helpful!


All the best!

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