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Over A 100 Of The Most Unique And Interesting Debate Topics

The feeling of delivering a perfect argument and having the entire room applaud for you is something special. It is an indescribable feeling as you deliver the perfect counter-argument, leaving your opponent speechless, knowing that they won’t have a response to counter your argument with.

A debate is a formal argument in which two opposing teams propose or attack a given proposition or motion in a series of speeches. Participants examine ideas and policies with the aim of persuading people within an organised structure.

Debate is a way for those who hold opposing views to discuss controversial issues without descending to insults, emotional appeals or personal bias. French philosopher Joseph Joubert has said: “It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.”

A motion is a statement that usually sets the topic for the given debate. Usually, it is an unambiguously worded statement that is general in terminology in order to be understood by not only the debaters themselves but also by the general audience.

In any debate, the motion is always supported by the government and opposed by the opposition, regardless of how the motion is worded.

Debating is a really fun and interesting activity that helps you learns a lot of new things while broadening your horizons. It is also beneficial from an educational point of view.  For me, debating provided help with my assignments.

How to choose suitable debate topics?

Quite a lot of thought goes into picking a debate topic. The topic you choose should be relevant and interesting while also reflecting on reflecting your interests and passions. The topic should be something that you are passionate about. You should research and scrutinise the topic you choose, narrowing it down to a niche. It can prove to be troublesome for you if the chosen topic is too general or open-ended.

It is also important to know the audience they’ll be presenting in front of as that makes a big difference.  A certain audience may not react well to a particular topic so it would be wiser to steer clear of it altogether.

Debate Topics

I have gathered over a 100 of the most unique and interesting debate topics for you, dividing them into different categories.


  1. It should be mandatory for all schools to have a uniform.
  2. There must be armed guards in every school.
  3. Students should not be allowed to carry cell phones in school.
  4. The core focus of education should be towards math and science.
  5. Students should be provided a healthy lunch instead of fast food.
  6. Boarding school is harmful to students’ mental health.
  7. Teachers should be allowed to carry guns in case of a shooting.
  8. Is a college education even worth it?
  9. A college degree should be mandatory in order to get a decent job.
  10. Religion should not be taught in school.
  11. Should students be allowed to seek out buy assignments help services?
  12. Should girls be encouraged to take part in STEM fields?
  13. Should students be taught LGBTQ+ sex education?
  14. Are student loans ethical? Do they exploit the needy?
  15. Does someone with an online degree have the same value as someone who attended college?


  1. Should churches be required to pay tax?
  2. The rich should be taxed more than the average person.
  3. Should illegal immigrants be treated as criminals?
  4. Should Donald Trump be allowed to build a wall between the US-Mexico borders?
  5. Britain should not have left the European Union.
  6. Politics should strictly be kept outside of schools.
  7. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  8. Concealed carry is the right of everyone.
  9. Citizens who do not vote should be fined.
  10. Should Britain legalize marijuana like the US?
  11. The government should run all the prisons.
  12. The West should not interfere and place sanctions on Middle-Eastern and Eastern countries.
  13. Should the British Monarchy be abolished?


  1. Social media apps which collect and sell data such as Facebook should be banned.
  2. Should the minimum wage be lowered or raised?
  3. Smoking and cigarettes should be banned outright.
  4. Drug addicts should be made to go through rehab instead of being charged as criminals.
  5. Contact sports such as boxing and MMA should be banned.
  6. Recycling should be mandatory and those who fail to comply should be penalised.
  7. Should transgender athletes be allowed to participate in the league of the gender they switch to?
  8. Abortion should be legal for all women regardless.
  9. Vaccinations should be mandatory.
  10. Obese and overweight individuals should not be given disability benefits.
  11. The death penalty should be abolished. Discuss.
  12. The government has a right to censor certain media on the internet.
  13. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children? Discuss why or why not?
  14. Has the #Metoo movement gone too far?
  15. How should individuals who make false claims of rape be treated or charged?
  16. Religion does more harm than good. Discuss.
  17. Should police be allowed to use lethal force?
  18. Should sex-work and prostitution be legalised?
  19. Advertisement should be banned during children’s programs?
  20. Should alternative medicine be banned?


  1. Rap music promoting violence and glorifying drugs should be illegal.
  2. Alcohol should be sold only after 10 PM.
  3. Violent video games should be banned as they induce violent thoughts in a child’s mind.
  4. Gaming should be considered a sport and be included in the Olympics.
  5. Citizens should be fined depending on their income.
  6. Unpaid internships should be outlawed.
  7. Beauty pageants should be banned as they objectify women.
  8. Should the drinking age be lowered or raised?
  9. In some cases, is it acceptable for a minor to be tried as an adult? Where should the line be drawn?
  10.  Has feminism gone too far? Has the focus shifted from female equality to male oppression?
  11. Should presidential terms be shortened to two years instead of four?
  12. Does the United Nations be allowed to have a standing army?
  13. Should gay marriage be legal or illegal?
  14. Should cartoons and toys such as Barbie a suitable role model for children?
  15. Should cosmetic procedures be covered by insurance?
  16. Patriotism can be more harmful than useful.


  1. Should politicians who deny the threat of climate change be removed from their position?
  2. Deforestation of any and all kinds should be banned immediately.
  3. The use of fossil fuels should be penalized.
  4. Overpopulation will soon be a major problem. Is reproduction something the government should have a say over?
  5. Should companies be taxed based on much carbon emission and greenhouse gases they’re producing?
  6. Is tourism dangerous to the environment?
  7. Single use plastic should be banned outright.
  8. Should genetically modified foods be legal?
  9. Nuclear power seems to be the logical step to stop the use of fossil fuels but what about nuclear waste?
  10. Renewable sources or energy such as wind and solar should be heavily subsidised and promoted.
  11. Will being vegetarian or vegan actually help the environment?
  12. Should water heavy agriculture systems be illegal?
  13. Is organic farming the future of agriculture?
  14. Can accepting too many refugees and immigrants prove to be a problem?


  1. Internet service should be cheap, if not cheap.
  2. Should the technological advancements concerning artificial intelligence be halted?
  3. Will robots increase or decrease the quality of life?
  4. Is the colonisation of other planets something that should be seriously explored?
  5. Should a person’s social media be taken into account by employers or police?
  6. Should cloning be legal?
  7. Should cars only be electric from now on?
  8. Is social media beneficial or harmful for society?
  9. Is it possible to manipulate people through the internet and media?
  10. How important is privacy for someone on the internet?

Animal Rights

  1. Zoos are a cruel way to keep animals in captivity. Yes or no? Disucss.
  2. The sale of fur should be banned and made illegal.
  3. Should animal cloning be allowed?
  4. Is it justifiable to test products on animals?
  5. Is it justifiable to have any kind of animal as an emotional support animal?
  6. Should we stop consuming meat and animal products all together?
  7. Is factory farming actually a cruel way to raise animals such as fish and chicken?
  8. Should hunting be illegal?
  9. Should animal entertainment such as horse racing also be outlawed?
  10. Is pedigree breeding of horses and dogs also cruel? Discuss.
  11. Should the use of animals in film and television also be made illegal?
  12. Is it acceptable to use animals such as rats for scientific experimentation?

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