List of Top 8 law universities UK

List of Top 8 law universities UK

Why do you think you’d want to pursue higher education in the UK? Is it because of the scenery? The beautiful mountains coupled with a gorgeous coastline, the wonderful suburban Universities that will give you the most home-y experience your heart could desire while being enrolled in one of the greatest colleges in the world? Or studying somewhere Harry Potter was shot? While all of this is incredibly tempting, there’s much more to UK than these attractions. UK top universities are the greatest and oldest in the world. Their value is unmatched and so are any other experiences they could give you.

University of Law

Ah, the specialty of the UK – Law universities. Formerly known as the College of Law, it is a profit-based (getting that cash, good for them), private university in the United Kingdom. As every good law university should, they aim to polish your skills and prepare you for your future days of being a legal superhero out in the world – indeed a scary place. Good news and a reason to mention it in the list of top universities in wales in UK is that their 2019 scholarship program is currently underway, and you can apply to it easily based on merit!

Cambridge University

You know we can’t mention Cambridge University without talking about how the Great Hall in Harry Potter is literally inside this university and some of the most iconic scenes from our favorite childhood franchise were shot here. If that’s not enough reason for you to want to go (you muggle), you should know that this university was granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in 1231? Yeah, you guessed it. It’s one of the oldest universities in existence; chock full of the richest history. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Amazing Harry potter flex
  • Great scholarships for brilliant students from all over the world
  • International students are more than welcome

University of Oxford

Can you believe that this is the oldest known university in the world? That fact alone is mind-blowing enough to make you want this bad boy on your resume. But of course, along with its age come several other perks. It’s like entering a portal of intellect, as you can probably imagine. Being surrounded by so much diversity and brilliance will definitely be an opportunity of a lifetime, giving you endless experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Brilliant scholarship programs based on merit for all students that qualify.
  • This is the most important mention in the list of top 8 law universities in the UK because of its worldwide recognition and great academic value.

Glasgow University

Another amazing selection for our list of top 8 law universities in the UK, the University of Glasgow is a public research university founded in 1451. A fun fact about it is that it is the fourth oldest university in the world. Isn’t that crazy? Being there will surely make you feel like you’re a part of a fairytale with castles and dungeons all around. This is one of Scotland’s most precious assets for sure, and a prominent name when talking about Law universities in the UK. They also offer scholarships for their students and the criteria are as follows:

  • Have grades according to UK 1st class Honors. Academic excellence is a must
  •  Be classified as non-EU students

London School of Economics

While LSE admissions are currently closed for September 2019, you need to understand why it’s one of your best options for studying law so you can apply as soon as they reopen.

  • They offer distance learning, which is a great opportunity for anyone who can’t do university full-time or can’t travel to where the university is. Convenience like this is not something to pass up.
  • Aiming to shape the future of the world, they are determined and focused in their work, meaning excellent academic experiences await you.

The University of Aberdeen

Another brilliant pick for the list of top 8 law universities in the UK! Scotland’s beauty and fairytale-esque life may attract you for its own reasons, but this university is definitely something to look forward to. It ensures a brilliant academic experience for you.

University of York

Located in the city of York, England and as old as your dad, this campus comprises of over thirty departments, thus having a diverse range of subjects to choose from. It was established originally in 1963 and since then has grown at a rate which has gotten it a well-deserved mention in this list of top 8 law universities in the UK. To think it only had 230 students when it started out and has now become one of the world’s leading universities, fulfilling its aim of being internationally recognized.

King’s College London

Have you heard of the Dickson Poon School of Law? You better have! It is the law school of King’s college London, recognized globally as one of the best law schools the world has to offer, they even have an amazing scholarship program for brilliant student from all over the globe. Being at this university is truly an elite experience and will surely make you feel special. As with any other amazing school, the competition is tough.


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