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List of Top 10 UK Universities In 2019

What comes to mind when you think of studying in the UK? It’s just a lot of famous Law universities and Hogwarts, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that the UK has much more to offer than just that when it comes to its academic excellence. This isn’t another blog about law dissertation topics online. Not exactly a Harry Potter experience, but here are some of the best universities you should consider if you want to study in the UK. This list of top 10 UK universities in 2019 states very basic information on them and you may do further research by going on their websites.

1. University of Oxford

One of the greatest research universities in the world today, I’m sure we’ve all been made aware of it one way or another. This has to be the greatest mention in the list of top 10 UK universities in 2019. Anyone who spends time there gets an opportunity to discover new parts of themselves due to all he opportunities they offer. No matter what your background is, Oxford wants to accept brilliant students from all over the world. With about 24,000 students, they offer more than 350 graduate programs.

2. University of Cambridge

Older than your grandfather…and maybe his grandfather too. Apart from the list of top 10 UK universities in 2019, the University of Cambridge is ranked amongst the top three universities in the world. This university not only offers an amazing scholarship program for students all over the world,

3. UCL (University College of London)

A public research university located in London, it was originally called London University. They have graduate as well as post-graduate programs, along with affordable accommodation for their students, giving them a life-changing experience in one of the greatest capital cities of the world. This multidisciplinary university has multiple campuses, the main one being in the Bloomsbury area. It is divided into 11 faculties with over 100 different departments.

4. Imperial College London

What’s so special about another flashy London university, you ask? Well, for starter, it’s ranked as the most internationally diverse university by Times Higher Education for three years in a row now, which means an amazing learning opportunity through exposure to people from all over the world. Located in central London, this College invites the most brilliant minds from all over the globe to be a part of it.

5. University of Edinburgh

Guess how old this one is. Yeah, I know, they’re all super old. But Edinburgh University is literally the sixth-oldest university in the English speaking world. Can you believe it’s still a thing? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have dungeons and goblets and those old fire torches….I think. Nut it does provide an amazing learning experience. It is located in Scotland and has five main campuses.

6. University of Manchester

When talking about UK universities, this one is really important to mention. Why? FOOTBALL. Just kidding, I don’t even watch it. A combination of two UK universities, it has a research and academic staff comprising of over 6000 people. Isn’t that crazy? In our list of top 10 UK universities in 2019, this is truly an honorable mention due to its rich history and its contributions to the scientific and academic world.

7. King’s College London (KCL)

Don’t you want a life-changing experience through studying in London? It’s bound to equip you with skills not much else will. Listing the top 10 UK universities in 2019, I must give this a mention because of its diverse courses and the brilliant students that graduate from it every year. Its brilliance and dedication is something that isn’t found often and becoming a part of it would truly change the course of your life for the better.

8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Another amazing public research university in the wonderful city of London. A lot of universities in our list of top 10 UK universities in 2019 are from this city due to everything else it brings along with it, apart from the academics. It is one of the greatest social sciences universities in the world and if you’re interested in the field, it should definitely make your list.

9. University of Birmingham

A university with its own royal charter?! Definitely not worth passing up. It welcomes international students and provides scholarship for brilliant students all over the world. Claiming to be working towards transforming society, it is currently home to about 8700 students from 150 countries. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

10. University of Warwick

It was founded in 1965 as a means to expand higher education by the government. This university is ranked 10th in the UK and 62nd in the world. Students who have graduated from there have been known to be in the highest earning list for over 11 subjects, truly a feat to be proud of. Their extracurricular are fun, engaging and truly an experience you’d want to be a part of.

About The Author

Jane Morrison is a 33 year old financial manager with a PhD from the University of Sheffield. Apart from his field, he loves to write in his free time and writes magazine articles and such, helping even the best UK assignment writing service online with improving their writing skills. In his free time, he loves to visit animal shelters and volunteer there.

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