The Impact of E-Learning on digital marketing in 2020

The Impact of E-Learning on digital marketing in 2020

Have you ever heard or know the concept of proximate cause? Well, if you are a student of law or insurance, then you probably know that straight off the bat

But don’t worry, proximate cause is just a fancy word for cause and effect. Yes, we humans like to make simple terms complicated, just to sound smart and no one can blame anyone for that.

The Self-Proclaimed Proximate Cause:

Covid-19 as we know, caused a major mishap on the conventional schooling system that gave rise to online learning on a mainstream level. It is undoubtable, that covid-19 impacted many industries, where education is no exception. Eventually, digital marketers had their eyes on the price.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

As the world heads to a so called ‘modern’ era, a lot have either evolved or changed for the best. The phones, cars, entertainment, businesses and what not, all are reaching to its full potential according to our requirements.

But, what about education? Many have claimed that education system has not evolved, where these concepts of classroom, black boards, teachers, timings, books and exams are still around, since the 1950’s. Do you agree? Is this the bad or the ugly?

It’s about time as studies show that majority of the students around the world, prefer online learning. However, this is good for digital marketers as well.

Let’s understand how e-learning or online learning has impacted digital marketing.

The Self-Confessing Culprit (A Shift Online)

Yes, we all know the culprit, or let’s say a ‘Hero’ for some, Covid-19 of course.

This pandemic in 2020 has changed the landscape of marketing itself, where it caused a huge shift of consumers in general, to come online. It is a well-known fact that people have now even started buying groceries online due to covid-19.

We all thought that in future, we will teleport groceries or any other goods to our homes due to advanced technology. Those exquisite futuristic stuff, like the movie blade runner. But we never thought that a pandemic would cause people to shift online. Is this a suspicious conspiracy? Are we living in a simulation?


With this being said, schools are made shut down all around the world in 165 countries due to the imposition of lockdown. This logically means offline marketing is probably of no use. So, all eyes are on digital marketing.

With this, many students are taking advantages from online cheap assignment writing service UK where digital marketing has become competitive for such increasing demands.

Ahead of the Pack (Strategic Shift)

Since students around the world have turned to eLearning due to covid-19, there has been many strategic shifts of how digital marketing should be done. In other words, eLearning has forced digital marketers to create new marketing strategies.

Content is King:

Content is one of the key factors of success in digital marketing. The use of eBooks, blogs, articles and even research papers, were easily accessible online, and due to this easy access, many platforms have started charging students to view their content.

Apparently, Digital marketers are now able to market academic resources for students online. With fundamental strategies like pay-per-click, SEO, popup ads and even affiliate marketing, in order to provide academic resources. Many websites offer paid membership for students to gain quality academic content.

It also depends on the law of demand. If demand gets greater, the price also increases gradually. Digital marketers are now able to innovate their strategies and offer different priced packages for students to view their academic content, according to the demand it drives.

The Writing Plan for Your Dissertation

Also, the use of personalized digital marketing is widely practiced, where students are given academic resources based upon their exact requirements. Probably the use of Artificial Intelligence, where the tracking of student’s online activities can lead the digital marketers to provide the exact same services.

Digital marketers even market, let’s say for example cheap essay writing service UK or for any other parts of the world, where the right audiences are shown these services through SEO or personalized strategy.

B2B in Full Effect:

There are even service providers on the rise, who solely deliver digital marketing services for these academic content providers online. The reason being, since some academic service providers charge a higher cost, students usually ignore these high costs and look for a free way out. That’s because students are an audience of lower budget. Probably.

With the expertise of digital marketers, they act like a night hag for these students and lure them to avail their academic services, by the use of effective SEO usages, like for example, write my essay for me cheap UK curriculum, to hit the right target.

So B2B digital marketing businesses have been highly impacted and observing an increase. Especially the startups, who have no insight knowledge of digital marketing, require these services if their product is on high demand.

Changes in Academic Itself

Since there is a shift and a huge demand in online learning, the academic itself have changed, where technology has somewhat become the new teacher. Imagine a cyborg or a terminator as your teacher.

Not really, but the rise in self-taught students due to the availability of eLearning, is driving tough competitions in the market.

With the rise of self-taught students from online eLearning courses, this has impacted the digital marketers in both ways, from conventional to private, as all of them are taking place online.

A huge chunk of revenue is generated by digital marketers due to these changes in academics itself.

Gist of It All

It is without a doubt that covid-19 diverted the attention of students to eLearning and online in general, impacting digital marketing to a huge extent.

Marketers follow the consumers, and due to this impact, it gave rise to many freelance and innovative opportunities of digital marketing to make eLearning more effective and competitive than the tradition.

The strategy is not ‘Thank you, come again’ but ‘thank you and keep coming’.

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