How can we thanks to our coronavirus helpers

How Can We Thanks To Our Coronavirus Helpers

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The Crisis Of 2020

2020 hasn’t been exactly the year we planned, but we never knew that the end of the decade would be critical for millions of innocent lives. This year has been struck by a tragedy that cost the lives of millions of people around the world from middle Asian Countries across Europe to America. The virus, sorry, the CORONAVIRUS has changed the face of this world in 2020, graving people and caging people within their homes for a long period.

When we were inside, who were outside?

Imagine a world, where there is nobody on the roads, no children in the school, and no sounds of laughter in restaurants and diners. Everything is quiet and we all are stuck in our homes with no activities, just a routine of eating, sleep, and repeat. Whilst we people complain about breaking SOPs and protocols just for the sake of enjoyment and leisure, there are people out there battling the Covid19 frontline while we are sitting in our homes safely and comfortably. Soldiers fought wars, firefighters fought fire … Doctors fought against the coronavirus.

The Frontline Health Soldiers

Yes, soldiers. While we were sitting inside our homes, these healthcare workers around the world are fighting to protect Covid19 patients against all odds. Social distancing requires keeping distance between yourself and the individuals around you to avoid the risk of getting infected by the virus. These doctors, taking the risk of a lifetime by looking after the patients of the virus avoiding the social distancing factor, the very same social distancing that avoids you getting infected. This is the point beyond bravery, of risking yourself for a chance to save someone in the same quarantine zone where they keep their patients.

Not just doctors, a lot more

Doctors are protected by their Hippocratic Oath to protect and treat their patients by all means. But they are people out there who did not take that oath, who are not doctors but are citizens who volunteered to take training to serve the patients.

  • Doctors at hospitals
  • Doctors at clinics
  • Nurses
  • Volunteers(citizens who can be parents or social workers)

“We don’t know them all, but we owe them all”

The fallen Covid19 medic

While trying to treat and save Covid19 patients knowing the critical position of risk there are in, some doctors laid down their lives to save the ones in front of them. Hundreds of doctors around the lives were martyred while treating patients in quarantine. Doctors from Pakistan lost more than 45 doctors, America more than 100, Italy, Iran, and the United Kingdom. They did not have to be out there tirelessly saving patients, but they chose to be instead of going to their homes, to their children and families, but they didn’t, they were out to save and protect.

What we should realize and respect

These healthcare workers, laid down their lives with the idea, that their sacrifice today, will give the people a future tomorrow. But are we doing that? We are either complaining to go out and enjoy by meeting our fellow friends or be part of social gatherings. What we don’t realize is that reckless selfish behavior is one of the biggest causes we are getting critically infected and in return, we are putting the lives of doctors at risk.

Writers around the world, from best assignment writers UK online to article writers in US, all around the world are taking time to write in their memory for us to realize that if it was not for their service, we would be in the grave instead of them.

The fallen doctors died to protect our tomorrow and we shouldn’t let them die in vain.

What should we be doing?

  • Follow SOPs, by all means, necessary that we shouldn’t send more people to the hospital risking our own lives and the doctor’s lives too.
  • Protect ourselves by all means knowing they shouldn’t have died in vain.
  • Pray to God for their Eternal Peace.

Do not take life for granted!

Life is very unpredictable and anything can happen to anyone. Right now we all are in a situation where this virus can kill anyone and the ones who took it for us are the ones who sent you back homes, to your families when it could have been them with their loved ones. Protect yourselves by all means that your mistake shouldn’t cost the death of the person around you and the one treating you. Honor them by protecting yourself that they shouldn’t have died in vain.