essay writing 3 steps

WHAT, HOW, WHY – Essay Writing in 3 Steps

Most often when an essay writing task is assigned to a student, they turn to the internet for help. They type in keywords such as ‘help with essays’,’ can someone do my essay’,’ write my essay online UK’ etc. etc. Writing an essay is not that big of a deal if a student understands the basic concept that entails quality essay writing. A successfully structured essay is what determines the quality of that essay. Answering a total of only three questions can get your essay writing task done within time. What are those questions? One might think! They are discussed below:

The first question to be addressed is ‘what?’ You need to explain to the reader what your essay is about. What is the idea that your essay is going to revolve around? What are the points that you are going to cater to in your essay that are going to validate your claims? This part should be covered in the beginning of your essay. Make sure that you do not make it too long, because the reader might lose interest. So keep the ‘what’ part concise and precise.

The next question to be addressed is ‘how?’ How your argument is similar or different from other people’s claims? How are you going to support your argument? This needs to be a detailed part so take your time with it. Make sure that you provide enough support to your argument with claims and citations from other relevant sources. The more you cite the more weightage your essay gets. ‘How’ section comes right after the beginning.

The third and the last question is ‘why?’ To give your essay a complete and finished touch, you need to address this question in a way that explains the purpose of your essay. Why did you choose this topic? You need to make sure that in the end your essay enlightens its own connotation. Not catering to this part of the essay might give your essay an unfinished feel and will not have a good impression on the readers.

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