Coronavirus Helpers And Creative Doodle From Google

Coronavirus Helpers And Creative Doodle From Google

A Confrontation to an unexpected virus

“Be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

Whenever in life, we will go into our flashback and will come across the year 2020, our hatred for that year, would be that will say it all. A year, that has already made its place in history by giving to us spend times at homes only, compulsory wearing of masks, living in isolation, end of fun and traveling, acceptance of social-distancing, and whatnot. These are all the things that created a tremendous impact on the lifestyles of people across the globe.

Where the world was keeping their body and soul together in this pandemic, and finding a way to come back to their lives, there were also those who didn’t care about their lives and were serving day and night to protect the lives of others. The “Coronavirus Helpers”, or also known as the “Warriors”. They’re those who not only provided assistance to the people but also put their lives in danger. They’re the ones who were near to death. Whether it be a doctor, a nurse, your maid, a delivery boy, a repair worker, the cops, or any other person who was there at your service.

The CoronaVirus Helpers

The world couldn’t thank enough to our soldiers who stood bravely in front of the virus and made a massive contribution in the societies. For restrictions on physical meetings, people utilized the digital platform and thanked the helpers in numerous ways.

At the beginning of the day, these were those who were out of their homes. However, some like doctors and nurses had to be on duties for days. They couldn’t go back homes. The chances of them being infected were the highest. On daily basis, there were deaths in millions around the world, and daily it was making the fear strong. But, the fear didn’t stop them from fulfilling their duties. Do you even think what would have happened if the helpers would also be home just like you and me? There’s no imagination! The image that will appear can itself be very dreadful.

Appreciation From The Students

When it comes to saying thanks to the warriors, not only the adults but the students also came forward and gave tribute to the heroes. A lot of social sciences students, got to write assignments about coronavirus helpers, for which they started the hunt for the best assignment writing help UK online, and made it possible to deliver a lot of beautiful messages for the warriors.

You must be able to relate to it if you’re a student or remained one that how pleasing it can be to write an essay on your favorite topic. Most of the students' enjoyed it! After the pandemic, there was a shift in the preference of the topic selection from the side of the students. If today we look, students are making it necessary to indulge in the topic of COVID-19 while writing. And when it comes to COVID-19, it is hardly impossible not to talk about the helpers of the coronavirus.

It was also seen that the helpers not only assisted on the field but also, helped by sharing their experience. Students were getting public assignment help online, nursing assignment help online, humanities assignment help services, and much more. In whatever ways, these people could provide help by sharing their experiences, they did. And still doing.

Doctors Who Gave Up Their Lives

Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that had the power to take lives in millions. Clueless people were struggling to figure out what has hit the world, and how to save themselves. And in between, corona spared no time and started taking lives.

With the people, there were also the doctors from around the world who gave up with their lives while saving everyone. Let's have a look at some of the doctors whose names will be remembered for a lifetime.

1) Dr. Roberto Stella (Italy)

A 67 years old doctor of Italy, Dr. Roberto Stella, died due to the fail of his respiratory system due to coronavirus. He was actively serving and fulfilling his duty, looking after the corona-tested patients.

2) Dr. Usama Riaz (Pakistan)

A young 26 years old. The first doctor to die in Pakistan because of COVID-19 was Dr. Usama Riaz. He was bravely performing his duty and was involved in the screening of people at the Pakistan- Iran border. Even after testing positive, he didn’t lose hope. He failed to survive and lost his life.

3) Dr. Shirin Rouhani (Iran)

Dr. Shirin Rouhani, an Iranian doctor who marked an example of dedication and bravery. Till her last breath, she served and treated her ill patients although, she was on IV. Having this in mind that taking rest and looking after her isn’t possible at this moment when there is a shortage of doctors, and workers to look after the patients.

4) Dr. Li Wenliang (China)

Dr. Li Wenliang lost his life in the initial days of COVID-19, even when some countries were protected from its spread. He was an opthalmologist. He did his best to make people aware of COVID-19, and how dangerous it’s but, at that time his words were made fun of, and his fellow members also accused him of making false claims.

Thank You, Helpers! By Google

Google is often seen changing its logo to mark important days, events, or any situation. After the confrontation of the world with coronavirus, Google immediately took it forward to appreciate and honor the frontline soldiers who’ve been fighting with the virus for our safety.

Google came up with a doodle portraying doctors, chefs, teachers, drivers, grocery workers, cops, and all those who were associated in serving the humans with their services during the pandemic using bright and vibrant colors to show an acknowledgment of thanks.


As much creative Google could do, it did! Other than a doodle, it posted on its website saying that:

As Covid-19 has hit the world and is continuing to affect the communities all over the world, a lot of people have come together to help eachother more than ever before. We’ve launched a Doodle series to confess and pay tribute to all of the front lines.

It played with its doodle by highlighting the double “OO” present in Google, as a groovy cartoon of all the corona warriors, where the red hearts hovering over them. In the substance of the message, Google also indexed way for the precautions, that included, “Wear a mask, save a life.”

Culminating by,

The world had gone through an extravagant change in their lives and that’s all because of the abrupt entry of corona into our world. There was a layer of depression covered all over. People weren’t ready to face this challenge but, all thanks to the corona helpers who bravely stood infront of COVID-19, and made it easy for the people to survive.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if today people are returning to lives, and things are getting normal, is all because of the efforts of our warriors who made it possible.