Complete Your Assignment in 30 Minutes

Complete Your Assignment in 30 Minutes

Pro Tips to Complete Your Assignment in 30 Minutes

Completing your assignment in thirty minutes? Do you mean less than an hour? Do you mean 1800 seconds? IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Where is the magic potion?

These questions must have arisen in your mind when you read the topic. Lucky for you I am here to answer all those questions. YES! It is possible to complete your assignment in just 30 minutes! And you don’t need any magic potion for that, all you have to do is make it till the end of the blog.

Although if you want to save time and can’t do your assignment yourself, you can find the buy an assignment service who can write for you in no time. For now, let’s assume that you are doing your assignment on your own.

Where it All Began…

Online Learning; a blessing in disguise or an undercover curse?

For one year and a half, students have seen a very tough time in terms of education. Now that everything has shifted online, learning has also become entirely remote and students have mixed feelings about this shift. Despite the fact that online learning gives you the opportunity to just relax on your bed with your minion PJs on while you take an online class, it also limits your face-to-face interaction.

While the debate is endless, there is one outcome that has caused quite a problem for students. Online learning has paved the way for teachers and professors to pile their students up with endless assignments and homework as they feel that it’s “easier” for them now that they are studying from home.

With a constant influx of assignments by your college/university, it sure gets difficult to keep up; however, incorporating a few ways in your routine can do wonders.

Remember those interesting and staunch methods that create an interest to keep up with your online assignments which can also help you learn effectively:

  • Plan your day-to-day schedule.
  • Put an end to distractions.
  • Be mentally present.
  • Work in small online groups.
  • Refer to your lectures.
1) Plan your day-to-day schedule

You may wonder, what does a schedule has to do with writing assignments? Well, setting a routine is always an effective method to keep you moving in an organized manner. Once you have set a schedule and you adhere to it, it’s easier for you to manage writing your assignments. Keeping a timetable is always a good choice whether you are doing college assignments or higher-level HND assignments.

2) Shush the Distractions Away

Whenever you sit to get your work done, it is imperative to get rid of all the distractions around you. For suppose if you sit down to work on your uni assignment and you have your phone by your side. It will constantly beep and notify you about new videos on YouTube, and messages from your friends. This has a psychological impact. You would be curious and would want to check out the messages. This way your focus is interrupted and it would take longer for you to build it again.

3) Be Mentally Present

Your presence and focus are the key to your assignment to be done quickly. If you are mentally present in your lecture, so there are possibilities that you may finish your assignments before the given deadline.

In the same way, if you’re not mentally present, things may not exactly go in your favor.

4) Study in Small Online Groups

Creating small online groups can help you do your large assignments with mutual understanding. This can help you learn effectively as sharing different aspects and ideas bring out something mesmerizing.

5) Refer To Your Lectures

Well, I have been studying online for a year, and by this time I have learned that lectures come in handy whenever you are writing an assignment. And now with the facility of online learning, you have the access to pre-recorded lectures! You could just sleep through your HND lectures but still get help from them while doing your HND assignments! I mean, how cool is that?

6 Pro Tips to Get Your Assignment done quickly


Tip # 1: ASAP

Whenever you are assigned with an assignment, try to get it done within the same hour so that later you don’t get in any hurdles. Starting right away can help you get done with things that are easy in just a matter of minutes.

Tip # 2: Organized

“The cleaner the place, the cleaner the mind”

Organizing your workplace may help you not get out of hand. When ones work is organized, there are chances that the work duration may decrease and you may achieve your target. Writers all around the world, be it the best assignment writers UK has to offer or any other part of the world, work in organized places and manner for the same reason.

Tip # 3: Silence

Selecting a specific area where there is silence, a table, and a chair can help you do small assignments in a short range of time. It is said: “The house of focus lies somewhere in a quiet place”

Tip # 4: Alignment

Start working with the toughest assignment to the easiest assignment. This order will save you multiple hours that you can spend on other productive things.

**Yeah, just keep reading, honey! **

Tip # 5: Breaks

Start working with the toughest assignment to the easiest assignment. This order will save you multiple hours that you can spend on other productive things.

“Almost any device in the world would start working once you unplug and plug it again. Including you.”

Take short breaks! It helps restoring some brain cells. I know breaks may exceed your time but it will help in bringing great productivity from your end.

Tip # 6: Reminders!

Do you know what also can be beneficial? Start adding reminders for the assignments assigned to you. This will help you accomplish your targets.

The Final Word

“The word impossible itself says I am possible”

Nothing in this world is unachievable if done rightly. Similarly, if you follow the tips and strategies mentioned above, completing an assignment in 30 minutes would not sound as inhumane as it does.