Artificial Intelligence- A Peek Into How Education Can Transform Your Future!

Artificial Intelligence- A Peek Into How Education Can Transform Your Future!

Are you a “Terminator” or “Robo-Cop” fanatic? I mean who isn’t right?

Watching these science-fiction movies give us all giddies and make us wonder….what if it all gets real? How cool would that be right? It’s safe to say that with the rate of technological advancements we are going with, the advent of Artificial Technology will soon be part of our daily lives.

Yes, I'm talking about robots crossing the roads with you, greeting you when you go grocery shopping, being your housemaid and maybe, just maybe even……….Teaching you at school!

Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.

The Future Is Now……And We’re Lovin’ It!

The Future Is Now……And We’re Lovin’ It!

I remember being a young girl and watching Artificial technology in cartoons, just wondering how it would be to actually use them in my lifetime. Today, I have a virtual assistant as part of all my iOS operating systems. Just like my personal phone-assistant, it uses voice queries and a natural-language user interface to answer all my questions (even tells me knock-knock jokes when I ask for them), make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to Internet services.

Even though this is just the start of our interaction with AI, the future holds great prospects in this field, with extensive research being done in recent years. Not only is their development aimed at enhancing our performance but also, making our lives easier in the process because clearly……us humans are just smart-lazy beings.

Fine, But…..Why Do we Desperately Need AI in The Education System?

The answer is as twisted as the question itself. You see, our generation is very different from those that came before us (both mentally and physically), thus, our minds don't work the same way. Being given a black and white assignment, filled with 200 pages would be nothing less than your worst nightmare but guess what? That's completely understandable, considering how your brain is definitely not accustomed to working that way. It sees bright colors on a daily and gets attracted to them, views almost-real graphics on the TV and understands much better with the use of various Audio. We basically CRAVE a change in rhythm every single day, due to all the options and distractions that surround us; monotony is just not acceptable for us. Since all of this wasn’t present before technological developments, their concentration spans were much longer and could read hundreds of pages long (Not to mention colorless) books for hours and hours!!

Artificial Intelligence incorporating different software and other technologies will help students learn with much more advanced tools and effective methods. Yes, I’m talking about more productivity in the same amount of time, or maybe even less time. What I mean is that every student will get the opportunity to meet their individual potentials and actually enjoy the process of learning- BE YOUR OWN COMPETITION!

Imagine Having A Robo-Teacher? Damn, I Wouldn’t Miss A Single Class!

Does a Robo-teacher sound like a good idea to you? Sounds like a GREAT one to me!

Let me tell you one thing; it’s going to happen in a few years because work has already been started on making this image come to life. In fact, robots are already being used in the primary levels of education in many developed countries. The humanoid robots; SAYA in Japan, Elias in Finland, Ovobots in the US, are just a few examples among a vast sea of others.

Are you shocked? Well, the good news is that they won’t be replacing humans any time soon, as the sole purposes they’re serving is to be used as tools to assist human teachers in doing so. According to many cheap dissertations writing services UK bloggers, to facilitate the integration of robots in the classroom, we need to be able to provide appropriate interfacing mechanisms like software and hardware, since the last thing we would want is to have a conversation like the one with Optimus Prime in Transformers:

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron."

Not Even Kidding…..You Get Personalized Education!

Much like how our fingers in one hand differ from each other, every student has different learning tendencies and capacities that need individual and personalized approaches.

Yes, adjusting learning based on an individual student’s particular needs has been a priority for educators for years, so what's different with AI? Well, let's imagine a scenario: There's a teacher in class, trying to manage 30 students, draining all of her energy to cater to them ALL at once.

Indeed, a tremendous task.

With the advent of AI technology, however, you need to fret not because:

It allows a level of differentiation that’s impossible for human teachers to tackle with as much efficiency. They are able to work for longer hours, without emotional and physical stress and this yields greater outputs.

Provide learning, testing, and feedback to students from pre-K to college level, using various soft wares. Using apps to assist learning can allow the student to be involved in a much more interactive environment.

Help identify gaps in knowledge and redirect to new topics when appropriate and as per progress. Progress can be tracked using various student portals, where their progress is saved, in the form of various tests and assignments.

As AI gets more sophisticated, it might be possible for a machine to read the expressions that pass on a student's face that indicates they are struggling to grasp a subject and will modify a lesson to respond to that.

So long story short, what I’m trying to convey is that the idea of customizing curriculum for every student's needs is just not viable today, but it WILL for AI-powered machines.

Teaching The Teachers?

You read that right. All the data represented by AI has shown can be used like a ‘roadmap’ for how a student learns; the teachers and make sure that all learning outcomes are met with certainty. Amazing right?

Instead of finding “approaches” this system works to a student’s actual strengths that have been monitored through their portals. This leaves them from the struggles of having classroom full of students and using one approach that works better for some while leaving others behind.

Software like Brightspace Insights have it extremely easy for instructors to predict and forecast learners at risk, helping them while they’re learning, instead of just by flagging issues at the end of a term.

Rather than spending months identifying problems that they’d then have little time to actually address, the educators are better positioned to utilize their training and skills to address these students’ individual needs from the very start.

The Future Is Now……And We’re Lovin’ It!

It also helps in two major types of learning:

Cognitive learning- Helps to understand how human mind processes and reasons information through conscious thought, problem-solving skills, and memory retention.

Immersive learning- Aims to comprehend the impact of a stimulating interactive environment on the human mind and how it helps to acquire and retain information

Don’t worry; Your Job Isn’t Going To Be Replaced By A Robot….At Least For Now!

There’s no conversation about Robots that doesn’t involve the “Are they going to replace my job?” debate. For now, I can tell you that this won’t be the case because the purpose they’re serving right now is to simply assist us in doing our tasks with much more efficiency.

  • Machines are dreadful when it comes to tasks with emotional intelligence, a skill that is INTEGRAL for educating a diverse student body. Imagine being sick in class and your teaching not telling you to go to the nurse or get some rest. Hurts to even imagine right? Exactly what I mean by that!
  • Simply putting an AI in front of a classroom would be a recipe for disaster (Quite literally) Instead, the AI could be more practically be used to free the educator from the most time-consuming and monotonous tasks, like grading exams and checking papers for plagiarism.

Ask any teacher and they will tell you how this work takes up a majority of their time that they could better spend using their specialized training to improve the quality of the student’s education or doing anything more productive.

By having an AI assisting the teacher, rather than replace them, they can work to together to unleash the educator to fully utilize their training in ways that simply were impossible to the earlier generations of educators- The best is definitely yet to come!

The Future Is Now……And We’re Lovin’ It!

Are You Actually Rethinking “Education”? Well, you better!!

Are You Actually Rethinking “Education”? Well, you better!!
What comes to your mind when you think of education?
You might be thinking about books, notepads, teachers, school and pencils; all things that made education possible in our time.
The future, however, is WAY beyond this.
A University? We’ve got online universities now.
Pens and papers? Tablets to the rescue.
Books? E-libraries got you.
Teacher assistant? Humanoid robots are here.

Basically, the future is a complete re-invention of not just this term but the methodologies used to achieve the goals and objectives that were previously affiliated with education. The development of AI technology means that the following features can be met with ease:

  • Round the clock support
  • Enhancing student retention
  • Automating admin tasks
  • Universal access for all students

Breaking the Myth of a “Good Teacher”

It’s common knowledge that everyone; parents and students alike, wish to have the best teachers. It’s generally thought that a good teacher guarantees an A-grade to the student, much like how a child learning to ride a bike needs that push and constant motivation.

The question still remains: How to spot a “good teacher”? As usual, there’s plenty of advice available. In primary schools, most people recommend looking for someone open towards children and someone who’s generally friendly. While according to others, “good teachers” must be highly qualified in their field and constantly up to date with recent research. Now that's unfair, right?

No matter what, it goes without saying they must be always motivated, charismatic and inspirational. While trying to get all their time, let’s not forget that real teachers are humans, just like the rest of us. Although they try their best and most of them are passionate, honestly, everyone needs a little time for themselves.

Teachers tend to be in constant need of time. Why? Despite popular opinion, it’s not a matter of individual self-discipline. They work not only while in class; they must check and correct their students' essays, provide feedback, plan the upcoming lessons, keep parents updated on child performance, take care of less obvious duties imposed by school management and another task that they do with so much strength- Salute to our teachers!

The point is that it's just a lot of work and as humans; we can't do our best every single day. It's time we break those unrealistic standards of a "Good Teacher" because, with the help of AI technology, all teachers will be able to comply with these standards!

An Actual AI-based Classroom? WOAHHH!

Ai ED – Do it yourself

Enables kids to use intelligent devices that see, speak, and understand almost everything they say. It is the beginning of limitless possibilities. With this approach, you are expected to take things apart and make things better. See what problems you can solve according to your own learning abilities.

Ai based Learning Platforms:

Machine Learning

What if I asked you to learn to think like a computer through different statistical techniques that allow machines to “learn” and improve your intelligence over time? Well, that’s exactly what ML aims to do!


With AI, students can have their tutors with them 24/7, which is not possible with regular teachers. Learners can get extra teaching time and those who require more time to understand a topic will have the feasibility to understand those topics. For instance, some students require more teaching time than others, with the technology at hand this possibility stands right in front of them!

Using AI Students for Grading:

With AI, teachers can quit grading to spend more time on students instead of wasting it on other unproductive tasks.

VR (Virtual Reality) Learning:

Using your senses when learning can make the process extremely fun and that's what virtual reality does. It shows your graphics to actually see what you're being taught.
This is also commonly used in top-med universities, like Harvard Medical School to teach them about the immensely complex topics that require extensively detailed studies, which would otherwise be difficult to remember.


In conclusion, according to best assignment writer UK it's safe to say that AI technology is being developed as one of the most integral features of the growth of our educational sector. Today, teachers are using a series of smart content programs, intelligent tutoring systems, and others to assist students in learning in a more customized approach. As the year's pass, machines will improve to new heights and will be able to perform much more than what we can imagine right now.

We’ve come far, but there’s a long way to go, so buckle up your seatbelts ‘cause it’s going to be a sweet ride!

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