How to Make a CV Which Does Not Escape the Recruiter's Eye

A Guide On How To Dress Up For An Interview

Once you step into your professional life, you must always have the confidence and the look to ace every interview only then shall you open the doors for success at any field. Knowing how important an interview is can make it real daunting – especially when you know how badly you want the job and that your first impression is what you will be judged for. So how about making it a lasting one? Here is how you can look professional for an interview and make your employers remember your face!


Get Dressed for the Position You Are Applying for

The easiest way to crack a company’s dress code is by dressing in a manner which already makes you the representative of the job. Hence, if you are doubtful of what you must wear, this is the simplest trick. In most cases it is a formal suit for men and for women a suit, with pants or skirt, although, more conventional setups encourage you to dress in a more day-to-day formal manner. It is said 30 secs is the time that takes to make a first impression and the clothes you’re wearing will count.

Do Not Forget to Put on Your Watch

One of the things that will particularly be noted at any interview is whether you have put on a watch or not. Although the measure of your punctuality shall be accessed by the time you arrive at the interview, but as an old saying goes “a man without a watch, is a man without principles,” hence you must be mindful of putting one that complements your outfit. Here’s a quick guide on How to Match a Watch with Your Outfit.Putting on a watch is a good indicator of how well you manage your time and although trivial, speaks volumes about you.


Avoid Bright Flashy, Colors

In a general setting for an interview; one that requires you to present yourself in front of a huge corporate company, you must be aware that your attire’s colors must be formal; anything from the ranges of blue, black, grey and white. Writers at best assignment writers UK have read researches where the color of your dress reflects your traits – for example white shows that you are organized and black demonstrates leadership. Even for women, these are the best options that must be availed, at least for the first interview. Unless you are going for a set up that is trendier or more relaxed, say a fashion studio or a styling company, then you may be experiment with colors and reflect your flamboyance. Otherwise, stick to the basics. Be smart when choosing an outfit. Wear neutral colors and avoid going for patterns or bold and flashy colors that put strain on the eyes. You’re going to impress the interviewers not to daunt them by your sense of style.


Buy New Shoes

If you think that your interviewer will not access your look from head to toe, then you are certainly mistaken. Professionals at Dissertation writing services have researched and found out that there’s a very popular opinion that 90% of a person’s character is judged by the shoes they wear. Your overall style is incomplete without a nice decent pair of shoes. Your shoes should be new and tidy, if you are poor at maintaining them well. Make sure that your shoes are well polished, matching with your attire and are not visibly worn out, even from the heels! For women, it is best if they put on pumps or any other shoes that do not expose their toes, for that again is considered unprofessional in an interview setup. While choosing your shoes, make sure you decide on a pair that makes you walk comfortably as a comfortable walk toward the employer is also essential to get hired for the job.

Create a Smart, Clean Look

For your overall look, it should be a simplistic and clean one for which you need to:

  • Avoid anything fancy like over-the-top hairstyles, chunky jewelry, overbearing cologne or perfumes.
  • Shower before your interview and clean up well.
  • Make sure your nails are trimmed and lips moisturized. You do not need to run to the parlor to look your best for the interview, simply make sure that you look presentable.
  • Make sure that everything in your look complements each other – say the shoes should match your belt and watch strap.
  • Remember “Less is more.”
  • Carry your documents in a sleek bag that matches your outfit, instead of bringing them in a file alone

All in all to ace an interview, you need to exude confidence in your gait and body language, not just through your CV and words. Hence, wearing an outfit that is comfortable and boosts your self-confidence will already help you get halfway there!

Last but not the least the dos and don’ts of going into an interview:

Wear dress shirts of solid colors. Avoid wearing colors that are too sharp.
Neatly combed hair. Long and Messy hair.
Wear light natural makeup. Avoid heavy jewelry and strong perfumes.
Wear properly ironed suit. Avoid wearing rolled up pants.
Wear leather belts that match the color and finish of your shoes. Avoid wearing belts with huge logo buckles.
1-2 inch heel or flats with covered toes. Avoid more than 3 inch heel.
Stay comfortable no matter what. Don’t over-dress.
Take care of personal hygiene i.e. cut and trim your nails, wash your hair etc. Don’t go in with chipped nail polish, broken nails or unwashed hair.

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