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7 Top Universities In Wales In 2019

Southwest Great Britain, what a dream. Along with being one of the most beautiful places to be in, it has some amazing academic institutions that if you became a part of, your career, academic and otherwise, would definitely change for the better. Not to mention the fact that living there would feel like you’re living a peaceful, death-free episode of Game of Thrones. If you’re in the relevant field, this could also be a great idea for dissertation topics!

Here is a list of the 7 Top Universities in Wales in 2019, the universities that are said to be keeping Wales alive. You may decide for yourself based on the provided information whether or not that is true.

Cardiff University

Cardiff maybe a small city but this university definitely isn’t. Amongst the 7 Top Universities in Wales in 2019, Cardiff University is a non-profit institution located in the urban area of this city, established way back in 1997. It was originally founded in 1883 and was called the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. It is ranked 5th among all UK universities which is a great feat considering the amount of very esteemed and honorable graduate and postgraduate school found all over the UK. Its world-leading research is truly influential to the academic systems all over the world, which adds to the prestige of this university.

  • Amazing research opportunity along with a chance to influence the world outside of where you live.
  • Amazing residential experiences which will help you grow and polish your skills.

Swansea University

An important mention when talking about 7 Top Universities in Wales in 2019, the 4th college of the University of Wales, the name might be slightly unorthodox but its reputation surely attracts the most brilliant students towards it. It was originally established in 1920, making it an incredible academic asset for the UK due to its developments in the last century. As far as the number of students goes, it is the third largest university in Wales, which 19,160 students. It offers an amazing 330 undergraduate courses and 120 post-graduate courses, giving you a vast selection to choose from. Even though it initially did not offer art subjects, they were offered later and were taught by a carefully selected, brilliant staff.

  • Swansea University was named the best university in Wales by The Times in 2016.
  • Hilary Clinton was given her honorary doctorate from Swansea University.

Aberystwyth University

Want a taste of the suburban life without the commitment? Aberystwyth University is the place for you. Located in the suburban setting of the medium-sized town of Aberystwyth, it is a public research university with nearly 8000 students divided amongst 3 academic faculties and 17 departments. A beautiful countryside experience awaits you, were you to become a part of this institution, coupled with a coastline and amazing academic facilities. It is one of the best universities in wales without a doubt.

  • Give yourself a university experience that you won’t forget by surrounding yourself with the best that nature has to offer.
  • A peaceful undergraduate at one of the greatest research universities in Wales? How could anyone pass this up!

Bangor University

Established in 1884, it is located in the not-too-heavily populated town of Wales by the name of Bangor. The courses and programs offered in this school can lead to higher education (pre-bachelor) degrees. Studying here ensures that you will have an amazing student experience due to its history of academic excellence. Comprising of an enormous student body of 10,000 students, it is bound to help you experience diversity. In the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), it won the highest honor possible, which is the Gold Award.

University of South Wales

Another public university in Wales, this would be a chance for you to end your days of asking for nursing assignment help because of the amazing consultation provided by the staff here. It has campuses in Cardiff, Newport, Pontypridd and Dubai. Studying here leads to high education from officially recognized institutions, and it is one of the few universities offering arts courses as well. The admission criteria is based on student’s past academic records so the admission process is purely merit-based.

  • Past student records will determine whether or not they get into this university, all merit based entries
  • One of the few universities in the 7 Top Universities in Wales in 2019 offering arts courses.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

It was formerly the University of Wales institute, the university is spread out over two campuses; Llandaff on Western Avenue and Cyncoed campus on Cyncoed Road. It is a co-educational and high education institution with an enrollment range of 10,000-14,999 students. It is another university welcoming international students and offering scholarships beneficial to them, along with great accommodation for their students. Following are their faculties:

  • Cardiff School of Art & Design 
  • Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy 
  • Cardiff School of Management 
  • Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences  Cardiff School of Technologies 

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

An honorary mention when talking about the 7 Top Universities in Wales in 2019, it is a non-profit higher educational institution located in the rural areas of the not-so-big town of Carmarthen. It has three of its major campuses located in South West Wales and a fourth campus in London. It is not too old (about 9 years of age) and has an enrollment range of 10,000-14,999 students.


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