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7 Fool Proof Tips to Eliminate Your Assignment Troubles


Oh my God!

Literally cannot go through that never-ending pain all over again!

I bet this is the first exact thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word ASSIGNMENT!

Honestly, just writing this word down gave me the creeps…

oh mygod

Well, the thing that after ginormous tasks of assignment writing, I have learnt that, it’s nothing to stress about. With the proper tools and knowledge, you can easily accomplish any type of assignment be it simple or complex!

Making too many mistakes?

Chillax! There’s nothing to worry.

Practice makes perfect! Doesn’t it ;)

Let’s discuss a few drawbacks that you guys might face and the tips and tricks that can help you compose a perfectly structured assignment based on your requirements.

Don’t count them as mistakes, you’re just learning!

oh mygod

If you’re a student, you can easily relate to the whole nightmare of ASSIGNMENTS, COURSEWORK and ESSAYS. In such distress making mistakes is not restricted to only a few students, but can even be committed by assignment help in UK in any class.

After all, we’re only human, right?

But sometimes, a single mistake can cause all our efforts to go in vain. And trust me; we don’t want to suffer from that pain!

  • Requirements OR Commandments?

Take it easy Sir! It’s not the 10 commandments!

We all have been guilty of ignoring the words of our teachers during class or not making the necessary lecture notes. How does this negatively impact your assignment? It does in the sense that teachers are carefully observing how well the students are paying attention to what words they are saying during class.

Beware students!

Even in a class of more than a 100 students, our teachers will turn into Liam Neeson and will be whispering to themselves in a slow voice;

“I don’t know who you are. If you follow my lectures and instructions, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will fail you.”

  • Copied too much?

Sure you must be taking help from some sources, but that does not mean that you copy the information entirely without editing it or not even producing some original work. With highly advanced software available today, teachers can find out if there is even 1% plagiarism present in your assignment.

  • Time to be Error-free already!

Students do not realise that their error-ridden assignments are in the end, affecting their overall CGPA. Each and every assignment is compulsory to be submitted in an immaculate form, no matter how small the weightage it carries.

Don’t be a fool! Learn from these 7 fool-proof tips

We know that as students yourself, you may find yourself wallowing in despair over not knowing what to do so that you can churn out a mind-blowing assignment and impress your teachers and professors. This is something that a huge portion of students in UK and worldwide are going through.

Fret no more! We are living in 21st century where you can get the ultimate guide to everything just a click away on your smartphone. Similarly, we have devised these 7 tips which will guarantee you success in crafting an immaculate assignment, which takes your teacher by a storm and gets you that top you are yearning for. These tips have been provided by acclaimed professors and teachers by themselves, as they have years of experience and know what students are usually lacking in their academics and assignments.

Check out these fool-proof and recommended tips for your ease:

1- Hold Your Horses and Calm Down

The first step that you need to implement in order to execute literally any task PROPERLY in the world is to avoid panic. It is vital that you tone down your stress hormones and you relax your mind before embarking on the assignment writing adventure.

It is inevitable that you may not be at peace of mind when you have several assignments overdue, but it is integral that you mind is not suffering from utter chaos as you are writing.

As Sufi Persian poets go, “This too shall pass”. Similarly, your assignments will also be done if you work in an organized pace.

2- Follow the Law or Risk Your Assassination

The biggest mistake that all students end up making in their assignments is that they do not follow the requirements given the teacher and instead start writing assignments which completely differs from what the teacher was asking for.

It is apparent, that books alone do not teach you everything you need to write your assignments. In fact, what matters more is what the lecture notes suggest and what the teacher expects from the students.

A student needs to ensure that they are following the pattern recommended by the teachers, and not deviating from the topic that they have been assigned. A teacher may tell the student to cover a specific set of learning outcomes and objectives in their assignment, and will definitely expect the student to include all these things. Otherwise, the student would be put beneath the guillotine whereby they would be beheaded for their mistakes. This is how it feels like, right? Embarrassment, shame and rejection.

A student needs to ensure that they are following the pattern recommended by the teachers, and not deviating from the topic that they have been assigned. A teacher may tell the student to cover a specific set of learning outcomes and objectives in their assignment, and will definitely expect the student to include all these things. Otherwise, the student would be put beneath the guillotine whereby they would be beheaded for their mistakes. This is how it feels like, right? Embarrassment, shame and rejection.

So quit playing on your cell phone during class and pay attention to the details!

Consult your teacher or professor or supervisor before you start writing your assignment. You need to know anyhow what they are demanding for. For example; if they assign you an argumentative essay but you present them an analytical essay, they will fail you no matter how much of an effort you have put in to that essay or how well you have written that particular essay.

3- Tick Tock On The Clock But The Assignments Don’t Stop

Sure, assignments can seem to be a never-ending spiral, but you need to ensure that your assignment is done as per the deadline. What is more important? That you dedicate the correct time to every section or every activity involved in churning out your assignment.

You can plan out your timeline like this:

  • Check the overall weightage of the assignment, and what percentage of your final marks will be it carrying. You can then dedicate the required time accordingly.
  • Leave some extra hoursin between in your timeline for browsing information or for breaks, sothat you know how much total time you are left with, for doing that particular assignment.
  • Give yourself a deadline, which pre-dates the actual deadline. This is so that you speed up your pace and still have extra time left before the actual submission.

For example, your Introduction section may carry 5% of the complete weightage of the overall assignment, but if you spend a lot of time trying to perfect your assignment, you will eventually be wasting enormous amounts of time and ending up with an incomplete assignment.

So no matter what happens, divide the time that you have left, according to the nature and structure of the assignment. Allocate a specific time period for browsing and research, a specific time period for mind-mapping, a specific time period for writing and then proofreading and so on. Do not start right away, before making an estimate on how much time you will be requiring in each section.

This way, you can furnish an assignment well within the deadline and secure yourself that grade that you desire; because one thing which definitely infuriates the teachers is receiving late assignments, or excuses on the submission day.

4- Save The Assignment Structure In Your Brain

Another common mistake that students repeatedly make while doing their assignments, is that they tend to mix the structure of assignment or that they do not comprehend it at all. They might end up writing too much in one part of the assignment, or may end up writing too less in a crucial one.

An assignment structure is usually as follows:

  • Introduction (5%-10% of the overall marks)

This can be termed as the inception or beginning of your assignment, where your Thesis Statement will be written. A majority of the students usually leave this part for the end, since they are able to produce an effective introduction which provides a succinct summary and abstract, with much more efficiency.

  • Body or Discussion (80% of the overall marks)

The body or the discussion part carries the heaviest weightage of the whole of the assignment. This comprises of three or more paragraphs and includes all the information and details of the assignment. For example, if you are writing a Compare and Contrast Essay, you will be writing all the similarities and the differences in these paragraphs only.

  • Conclusion (10-15% of the overall marks)

The concluding paragraphs, where you will be listing down your opinion and mention your argument again. You will be detailing how the body of the assignment supports your assignment without introducing any new information.

It is crucial that your Introduction is highly engaging and does not fail to capture the attention of the reader, which in this case, is the teacher.

5- Use Legit Research

Now that you know how to write your assignment, get down to it and give it your best. You need to browse for authentic information even it means spending long hours in the library. Information on the internet is though accessible and is found much easily, may not always be true.

“If it is on the internet, it must be true”, said nobody ever. Make sure that whatever information you have utilised in your assignment, is accurate and authentic and can be traced back to an authentic journal with a high impact factor.

There are plenty of articles available, and plenty of journals as well from where you can access a plethora of infinite information, but not every journal available on the World Wide Web is not legitimate and may even have articles which are having incorrect information.

6- Reference All Citations Properly

Whatever information or details you will include in your assignment, will definitely be researched from a particular source. As such, you need to mention each and every source in your bibliography section accurately in the correct style that you have been ordered to.

The most common referencing types and styles consist of the following:

S.No. Referencing Style Sample Reference
1. American Meteorological Society (AMS) style 1. Bonsteel S. APA PsycNET. The Charleston Advisor. 2012;14(1):16-19. doi:10.5260/chara.14.1.16
2. APA Referencing Bonsteel, S. (2012). APA PsycNET. The Charleston Advisor, 14(1), 16-19. doi: 10.5260/chara.14.1.16
3. Chicago style Bonsteel, Sue. 2012. "APA Psycnet". The Charleston Advisor 14 (1): 16-19. doi:10.5260/chara.14.1.16.
4. Harvard referencing Bonsteel, S. (2012). APA PsycNET. The Charleston Advisor, 14(1), pp.16-19.
5. MHRA referencing for English Literature Bonsteel, Sue, "APA Psycnet", The Charleston Advisor, 14 (2012), 16-19 14.1.16>
6. MLA referencing Bonsteel, Sue. "APA Psycnet". The Charleston Advisor, vol 14, no. 1, 2012, pp. 16-19. The Charleston Co., doi:10.5260/chara.14.1.16
7. OSCOLA referencing Bonsteel S, 'APA Psycnet' (2012) 14 The Charleston Advisor
8. Turabian referencing Bonsteel, Sue. "APA Psycnet". The Charleston Advisor 14, no. 1 (2012): 16-19. doi:10.5260/chara.14.1.16.
9. Vancouver referencing 1. Bonsteel S. APA PsycNET. The Charleston Advisor. 2012;14(1):16-19.

It is usually advised by the teachers only what kind of referencing style is to be followed, but students still tend to mix between referencing styles or cite the sources incorrectly. This gives a negative impression of the student who has done the assignment, and as such, may result in negative marking for the student.

7- The Final Commandment: Proofread and Edit Your Assignment

oh mygod

Woah woah woah! Slow down! Do not hand over your assignment just yet, it is extremely necessary that you proofread it and then edit it accordingly. Proofreading is essential to be done to omit out the following errors:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Sentence structure errors
  • Increased plagiarism
  • Formatting errors
  • Informal or incorrect tone

According to recent data published on numerous sites, every 1 in 5 students is caught having increased plagiarism in their assignments. Miscellaneous students are not aware of the mistakes they are committing in their assignments, which is deprecating their chances of scoring well.

It is best to check your assignment through some plagiarism checking software and other software online which can scrutinise your assignment from head to toe and provide you a list of all the mistakes, and the areas where you have made those mistakes. You can solicit the services of some cheap dissertation writing services UK based as they have the Quality Assurance software to check your assignment, and can accordingly provide you with a detailed report on what corrections are necessary.

To Wrap It All…

As a student, you can make mistakes at any point of your academic career. But with the correct set of procedures, you can ultimately overcome all your mistakes, and proceed towards improvisation.

I hope that you must have attained some useful information from this article, and that you will be scoring much better grades after following the tips we gathered specifically for you to follow.

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