5G Technology- A Peek Into The Future!

5G Technology- A Peek Into The Future!

We’ve all been stuck in situations, in previous years, when we'd find our eyes glued to the computer screen, while we waited for our favorite movie to buffer! YES….it just wouldn't load!

Countless times, as a young student, I would be required to make presentations and the difficult part was not compiling it, but actually finding information for it in time, considering how slow my internet connection was!

Well, thankfully, today we're living in a time of infinite "technological blessings" and since we're already at this topic, we might as well talk about one that tops them all; the SUPER FAST 5G technology!


Introducing The Fastest Communication Systems With 5G Technology!

The buzzword you've probably been hearing for a long time now is "5g technology. I mean, why wouldn't it be, when it's one of the biggest disruptive technologies our decade has seen! In fact, according toM marketing assignment help providing bloggers, it's a complete game changer, being the next generation of mobile connectivity that offers high speed and reliable connections like never before.

This technology offers connections with MULTITUDES faster than the mainstream connections we’ve seen this far. This is a profound result of cutting-edge technology and high-level researches conducted by some of the most brilliant minds that have ever existed in this generation!

A Disruptive Technology That Has The Power To Change The World!

Trust me, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this brilliant technology has the power to change the world. The world has seen many great advancements in a short period of time, like the advent of artificial technology, the impact of which you can read in my blog, along with the life-changing 5G world that we have entered (buckle up because it’s going to be a sweet ride!)

You see, the marketing assignment writing service websites believe that 5G technology connects various other technologies; thereby, making them dependent on itself, which adds into its importance. Some of the technologies that have emerged as vital to this experience include the following:

  • aforementioned mm-Wave technology
  • massive multiple inputs
  • small cells
  • full duplex
  • software-defined networking (SDN)
Millimeter wave The latest 5G technology will allow greater transmission of data, even at lower frequencies. It will be able to use small cells to go with the traditional cellular towers.
Small cells These are low-power requiring and portable base stations that are placed in cities. As 5G develops further, the consumers can expect to see globally used 5G antennas, even at home.
Massie MIMO The 5G technology can enable base stations to support various other antennas, compared to 4G base stations.
Full duplex This gives us the potential to increase the speed of connection by multiple folds. With the help of 5G on a single channel, a single channel will need to transmit data to and forth the base station.
SDN This along with the network functions virtualization are the bases of the deployment of 5G technology.

5G Vs Previous Generations- How Do They Differ??

Before going into a comparative analysis of 5G and its previous generations, let’s get a clear idea about the key features that those previous generations had and how they differ from each other, as suggested by the digital media marketing assignment help providers online. This help will help you understand and evaluate the importance and functionality of 5G to greater levels.

Without further ado, you may look at the table below to get a clear understanding of this:

Generation Services Major Differences
1G Analog calls Mobility
2G Digital calls and messaging Secure, mass adoption
3G Calls, messaging and data usage Better internet experience
3.5G Calls, messaging, broadband data Broadband internet applications
4G All IP services Faster internet and lower latency

Now, the first thing to understand is that each generation that was bought to the users has a single motivating factor; meeting requirements between the technology bought into existence and its predecessor. What do am I talking about its predecessor? Well, look at the transition from 2G to 3G. As suggested by the social media marketing assignment help bloggers, while 2G did bring us greater data connectivity, it was not until the existence of 3G that we experienced a whole new level of mobile broadband networks on our smartphone. I could go on and on about how broadband internet has changed each of our lives, in more ways than one. Starting from streaming videos online to literally controlling our home appliances, this technology has been a major game-changer!

Long story short, this image explains how 5G fundamentally differs from others:


The Next Generation Of Networking & It’s Potential Uses!

Immersive or tactile internet (VR/AR)
Automated driving
Cloud-based office

Machine to Machine connectivity (M2M)
Sustainable operator investment model

Taking Immersive Or Tactile Internet To A Whole New Level!

The advent of Virtual and Augmented reality has taken over our news channels lately, as stated by the consumer behavior assignment help websites, and there’s no surprise that this technology has various uses for entertainment and practical purposes. The applications used in this technology require both high bandwidth and low latency that are much beyond the capabilities of LTE. Therefore, to reach its best potential, 5G is here to the rescue!

The Future Is Here With Autonomous Cars!

We’ve seen it in movies, now it’s time we see them in reality!

I believe that if all the vehicles on the road were all connected to a network that controlled traffic rules, driving would be much safer than it is now. We could also be moving at higher speeds and within greater proximity of one another. The future of self-driving cars has been exceptionally explained in this blog!

The Top assignment writers UK online would say that these systems don't require high bandwidths but what they do require is a command -response time close to zero for safer usage. Since 5G technology offers a 1 millisecond delay time, it's best suited for efficient working of autonomous cars!

Multi-Person And Wireless Cloud-Based Offices Are The Next Big Thing!

As I’ve discussed before, 5G technology gives high bandwidth data networks that have the potency to make the concept of wireless cloud-based services possible! These systems are being operated on 4G networks in recent years, however, a much more efficient, much like how your voice control technology hears you get help for public relations assignment help and finds the best fit for you, a working mechanism can be established and promised by 5G technology with lower latency!

Machine To Machine Connectivity Is Here And We’re Loving It!

While M2M is already being used by us on a daily basis, it's still not being used to its utmost potential. As 5G technology has the power to grow the industrial process, it is expected to have great implications for M2M by providing the full advantage of the cellular M2M opportunities that we've been desperately wanting.

Opening Doors To More Sustainable Investment Models!

The value of 5G cannot be anticipated with ease. You see, the services that were thought to have a little impact have now become a huge part of our lives, an example being SMS. What we can predict is that the stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem will have drastic shifts in the roles they play. The regulators can use this and create healthier environments that stimulate continuing investment in the next generation technologies!

The Future Of 5G Techn0logy- What MORE Does It Have In Store?!

The assessment of the potential of 5g technology has attracted great investors in the technological world to try and improve it to greater levels. For this reason, the GSMA is seen to be an active member to help in shaping its future.

Through leadership and collaborations, the advertising marketing assignment help websites believe that following are some features that will be largely focused on:

  • Working on commercially viable 5G apps
  • Working on commercially viable 5G apps
  • Investments for greater research and studies for this technology
  • Developing boards and committees for relevant parties.


A successful shift in the world of networking and connectivity can be seen with the advent of 5G technology. It’s safe to say that the future will be much faster (quite literally) and larger data carrying networks will come into existence. The next generation of telecommunications will deliver innovation and consumer benefits like never before!

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