5 ways to determine qualitative research methods for your topic

5 ways to determine Qualitative research methods for your Topic

After covering all the possible content related to your research study the next step in the market research section is methods for research. Assignment writing service online tells you about what exactly qualitative research are and why qualitative research is preferable?

Do You Understand Qualitative Research

Obviously you must have some kind of understanding on what exactly qualitative means. But not clearly have done it in your research. Right! Don’t worries I am there for help. I will guide you with specific methods and qualitative approaches you need to keep in mind.

The qualitative research methods are done for finding out what exactly is the problem and why people think it is a problem. Who are the participants which will help in constructing results for the problem?   

How it is used for research?

The main reason of qualitative research to be different from quantitative is qualitative is not conclusive. On the other hand, it is used for,

  • Drive results through quantitative results
  • Construct market surveys when there is no relevant data available (most of the questions that are basically awkward to convey and sometimes personal)
  • Conduct Market Research when it is impossible to structure research


Did you get the answer of your questions related to qualitative research let’s go a little further in our blog. We are just a few miles closer to our qualitative research methods but just one thing to cover more is defined below.


Quantitative approach

Qualitative approach 

General outline

  • Understanding hypothesis for phenomenon
  • Use structured methods such as questionnaires, surveys, and structured observation   


  • Understanding the phenomenon
  • Use semi-structured methods such as focus group, in-depth interviews and participants observation 


Close ended


Data analysis methods

Numerical (allocate responses through numerical value)

Non numerical (allocate responses though video tapping, field notes and audio tapes)

Rigidity in study design

  • Some of the study design is constant in every manner
  • Statistical assumptions and conditions are used in subject for study design
  • Study design is rigid means the structure of sentence in interviews are flexible
  • Research questions and data collection procedures are adjusted according to is basically learned. 


Qualitative Research Techniques That Help You with Your Dissertation 

Well, talking about research techniques there are three most commonly used methods. As a student myself, supervisor of my dissertation writing has long list of methods that are considered useful for studies. However, I will not go into details or spoon feed you each of them nor will I define the long history of methods done by researchers. Sometime you need dissertation topics online and how engaging those topics should be then why not getting information through my blog post.

Following are the 3 main techniques used by my professors. So, drill it in your mind.

  • Participant’s observation
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus group

Do you have an idea of participant observation?

Imagine you buying a product from any brand for instance a perfume is displayed on the rack different companies have some unique scent to offer. The other person in front of you is moving around walking by your side and noticing your actions. AHH! He is a thief, no I think he might need something, no way is he a participant observer?? Correct! Absolutely!

This method is commonly known and been adopted by many researchers specially marketers. This basically done in anthropology where a person act a normal individual adopt the other people’s customs, culture and observe their behaviour or lifestyle for research purpose.

In-depth interviews-are they really detailed   

These are the one which are detailed and sophisticated during question answer sessions. This well-professional approach is between participants and the researcher extracting equal amount of answers. For instance, you want a one on one interview with a specific firm’s CEO. This will be one on one and private. This in-depth interview makes the researcher understand what exactly individual thoughts are and what his /her motivation is.

Focus group

As the name suggest, the group of participants specifically selected through your own target audience been interviewed. If you really want to choose this as a method for research remember though it is common but it is expensive too. If your research study has a requirement of doing such methods then why not try online surveys on social media platforms or through Emails. Well, though it may be expensive for individual person but most companies look forward to such interview sessions for testing their new product or service.

Case study method has evolve lately

The method has been evolve lately and is now added to the qualitative research method session. The case study is basically done for describing the company or entity. For instance, a company has used SWOT analysis approach to find out how the company internally and externally operating. The researcher will define all this analysis in his/her study. Though it is difficult to tackle, this research is associated with depth and insight of data accumulation.

Document data through recording

This method is relatively important are not to be neglected as most of you do it. The interview sources and information gathered are equally important. The one already existing documents or pieces of research that is not touched need to be used. This is just like that when you go to the library and find useful material or information that is added for research study.

Participant do lie

The main point or you can say a flaw in the qualitative research is the participant lie. They are humans too so they can sometimes cannot make decision according to their conscious mind. The humans usually act or react according to what is first clicked in their mind or what there subconscious indicate them to do. You need to understand your own target audience and what initially making them relying on falsely statements.

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