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5 Simple Steps towards Topic Selection - DIY Dissertation Guide

Hey I am Shawn, I teach research as a subject. Daily I encounter number of students who run into me with their dissertations topics. And trust me the topics are either boring or irrelevant to their degree. Because most of the times students either submit too common topics or lack conceptualization. I literally doze off after reading those dissertations!


So, I thought of guiding them about their topic selection but I wasn’t able to get any medium till my colleague suggested me to write a blog about it. When I got to read his blog I was thoroughly amazed by his honest advices. Anyways, here are my few advices on topic selection!

Be Honest with your dissertation!

Yeah, the first step is being honest with oneself at least! Do not run to others and ask them about your dissertation topic uk. It is your job and only you can do it. The easy way to topic is:

Know your grounds:

You should need to know why you are writing this dissertation. What is purpose behind it? Either it is to gain information or you want to impress your professor for good grade? See, we professors are not impressed by your fancy words but with honest research on the topic. For example if you are searching for business management dissertation topics don’t come to us with kindergarten kind of topics as in how to internet speed affects social media? Grow up!

Brainstorm different ideas:

By Grace of God you are blessed with brain so come up with some intellectual ideas. I have read awesome information on brainstorming go through it. After knowing the basic techniques to brainstorming, search for the topic that interests you! Think and think what can increase your knowledge about a relevant topic. One should have conformity about his interest in a particular course. There must be something that amazed you! Pick that up!

Search for the topic!

Happy to find a thing that’s inspires you? Great! But DO NOT Finalize it! The reason is search for the topic either you are able to find relevant information related to your topic or not! Most of the time we think of the topic that we have recently came across. Search your topic on different platforms and see if you can find similar topic. I bet you will exactly same words of your topic on Google! Amazed? Well welcome to hard work dear! If you think you will think of a topic and it will be unique you need to wake up! You might be wondering that…..

How to think in a unique way!

The answer to that is serach! And search whatever has amazed you! Go into deep of that topic you will definitely find something that is more inspiring and need to be searched more. Go for that thing!

Draft an outline first!

Outlines are life savers! Draft an outline first means decide which areas you want to cater in your dissertation. For example you are writing about marketing you don’t have to start from the evolution of the market.

Give a main concept about your topic that is what your topic is about? Why did you choose this topic? What are your objectives related to topic? Answer these main questions and search the relevant answers and jot them down.

Come straight to main headings! What you want to discuss! What could be sub headings! What areas you don’t want to cover. You need to know what areas are irrelevant for your topic from the selection time; as it helps you in drafting the dissertation in a smooth way. According to Cheap dissertation writing service UK:

“An outline gives a writer speed and confidence about a dissertation”

Get it proofread!

Done with the topic selection? Great!

Done with outline? Awesome!

But have you checked it with your professor yet? No? That is the blunder though! Because professor is the person, who actually has done masters in dissertations. As they come across to a number of dissertations on daily basis! Let them have a look on your dissertation topic and idea! Explain them what is your planning about the topic? What searches have you done before? What view point you want to share with them. If they approve the topic! Its time for last step!


You need to have confidence on your selected topic! And confidence comes when one has researched thoroughly and worked hard on the topic. Gather the relevant information needed for the topic! Discuss your topic with others to have their opinion about the topic! Search different study engines to have a different look on your topic. Jot down pros and cons of your topic. Define the sense of the topic to yourself! If it makes valuable sense than it is time to write down the dissertation!


You are champion of your dissertation topic! If you can read great and write in an awesome manner you would easily find a topic that inspires you but if you lack these characteristic you need to work harder on the above points to get your dissertation done!

Well these were basic tips for selecting a dissertation topic. I hope they have helped you. Dissertation writing is never ever a difficult task all one need is a good topic and thorough research!

Some tips for dissertation writing:

  • Read what you have written:
    Do you dare to read what you have written? Are you making sense with your dissertation topic?
  • 1st draft is not the final draft:
    Your 1st draft or writing could never be your final dissertation! You need to write twice or thrice for a fabulous dissertation!
  • Avoid errors:
    You ought to need to avoid grammatical errors to make your dissertation proper and valued.
  • Organize!
    An organized and well-structured dissertation is a key to ultimate success.
  • Be Authentic!
    Whatever you have written, is it really valuable for the reader?

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