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5 Easy Steps for a Perfect MBA Dissertation.

Hey, I am Jack Wilson! How are you all? Hope you all are doing great! Today I am with you all because I want to share some of my experiences. I am a Business Professor in the University of Dundee. Well, I have come across many dissertations in my career and have seen many basic mistakes in them. So I thought of writing this blog to help students who want to achieve good grades in their dissertations. Let’s start with MBA dissertations first;

Many students get enrolled in MBA programs and enjoy studying different disciplines of Business but when the dissertation writing comes, they lack the direction to write it, specifically in Marketing Dissertation topics, what they should be writing is about how to market their topic but they get more involved in formatting etc. which comes in last!

So here are some tips or steps one has to follow while writing a MBA dissertation specifically

1. What’s your topic bro!

Do you know your topic by heart or have you picked just a topic from best dissertation topics? Do you actually know what you are going to prove? Do you know where you have to search for your topic? Are the outcomes of your dissertation predictable? These are the basic question one should know while starting the dissertation or I may say planning to write dissertation. If one knows these questions well, he can actually win the audience in start

2. Is your topic approved?

Have you searched that your topic is plagiarism free or not? By just picking Interesting Accounting Dissertation Topics doesn’t make it plagiarism free. One has to do deep research to get the idea where his topic stands. Secondly, get it approved by your instructor! Ask him suggestion for the topic. The common behavior I have come across is that people are either too over confident or too shy to discuss their topics with their instructor. Though it is vital for your dissertation, as your instructor is your main audience and he should know what you are writing about. Your instructor can be your best critics if you take his criticism positively. Thus to have the topic is important but to get it approved by instructor is significant.

3. Have you outlined and planned it?

Outlining and planning your dissertation goes parallel by each other. If you planned well only then you can outline your dissertation in phenomenal way. But what it requires to plan the dissertation? The answer requires following points

  • Overview:
    Give a proper overview of your dissertation when starting your work. What are you writing about? How many chapters it has? Why this topic is important for MBA grade. How can you help the society with your research?
  • Introduction:
    Introduce your topic well. What is it about? Define new terms used in your topic. What is the objective of your topic? What does literature says about it? Highlight the main key points and agenda of your topic
  • Methodology:
    Which test has been applied to your research? Is this qualitative or quantitative? How have you gathered the information? Your methodology ought to give full analytical results about topic.
  • Proper Findings:
    Interpret the findings properly. Show what the results are and prove them with your findings. For topic like Online IT Dissertation Topics you need to have strong data and results which support your dissertation.
  • Conclude Well:
    You should conclude properly when ending your dissertation. Like for Law Dissertation Topics will have different ending than MBA dissertation topics because the audience, literature and everything is different for every topic. In recommendation you can discuss your views about the topic and what limited in the area of your topic.

4. OH! That’s a blunder!

Blunders happen when one doesn’t proofread it. Do a proper proofreading of your articles. Like you may prepare a topic which you haven’t checked online but at end of your dissertation you find it in 150 inspiring dissertation topics which are already researched well by different people. Gosh man! That’s a huge blunder! You cannot undo what your struggles to prepare that topic. So search well with your topic by hook or crook.

5. Believe in your topic:

Someone must find it odd to “believe it in topic!” Oh c’mon man it’s just a dissertation not something on which my life depends! But trust me you never know when does a small thing can change your entire life. This happened with one of my student. He wrote an essay on Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics which was awarded as best dissertation by a renowned company named Marketing Dissertation Topics PDF where he got job too as academic writer!

It’s always about your own view!

Whatever you are writing in your dissertation, it’s all your view point about your topic. You cannot change what people might think about your work but you can convince them by giving evidences and justifications. Try to be as much original as possible. Be genuine with your findings.

Something more!

So that was all about steps to write your best dissertation but wait I have some more perks for you as well. These are not steps but just random tips for your dissertation.

  • Choose a unique title
  • Be terrific with your outline!
  • Write abstract in the end
  • Give proper references

Follow The Instructors Guideliness!

  • Be specific, do not drag the concept just for the sake of few words
  • Know your audience

Are you confused about something more? Well will explain you in my next blog! I Hope this blog benefits you and help you in your MBA dissertation.

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