PHD Dissertation Topic

12 Smart Tricks to Help you Choose a Unique PhD Dissertation Topic


“A good research is an art that depends on many factors, and one of them is a good idea. The art lies how you justify it”

The dissertation is the research that is conducted for the doctorate degree. You cannot have a good research unless you have a brilliant idea to write for. The topic needs to be of interest to the other academics in the field. The interest is defined by your audience for some the topic could be worth a million and for some it is pointless. This topic showcases the research ability that you have learned throughout your educational journey. It is the first opportunity that the reader gets to have an idea what your research is all about.

Most people start the research with great enthusiasm but later lose the focus and interest. The reason why is: their topic for the dissertation is not tailored to efficiency and effectiveness. A pre-planning for choosing a title for a good dissertation can lead to a great research. So, before picking a dissertation topic makes sure that your topic is;


Align your idea with the field of your study. For instance, a business student will choose the topic related to management and focuses on the keywords related to business administration and business management.


Many students choose a topic that they don’t have interest in. That’s a major mistake why the research seems a hard task for some. Choose a topic that interests you rather than your facilitator. Make your research more creative with the topic of your interest. If you feel passionate about the topic, the research will never lose interest in you. So, work on something that you really love!


Don’t make things burden on you, choose a topic that is simple and manageable. Remember! You won’t be getting any additional marks on how difficult your topic is but how you justified it will prove you a better researcher.


Always choose a topic with which you are familiar with. This will help you extracting information easily and comprehend the text for you without any difficulty. Foreign topics will demand more time getting the understanding of the subject.


The subject of the topic should be challenging and there should be a complex questioning of the topic that could be answered in numerous ways. Justify the topic with both positive and negative arguments. Try showing both sides of the picture. Later, in conclusion, you can stick to a single side of the picture.


There is a misconception that the topic should be out of the world. You can choose a topic which is existing but with a new perspective, viewpoint, and attitude. Either if you choose to present a new vision to existing idea originality can be maintained.


The subject area should always be narrowing, concrete and concise. The topic should not be general but specific; this will help you focus more on the area of research. Try to pen down some questions related to the topic you choose that further focus on the key area. In return, you will be able to draft a principal question and that would be your topic for research. Now, focus on this concentrated dissertation topic.


The dissertation topic should be influential over the time. The topic should remain the topic of interest to the audience with the passage of time. The topic should give the audience to invest their interest to explore the field in relevancy of your subject. Try to choose a Ph.D. dissertation topic which does not decline its charm by changing the world and technology.


The more your topic for dissertation broadens, the more you are in a difficult situation to complete the topic research. Make sure that your thesis topic is simplified and not extended. Cut all the extensions of the topic which takes you to answer another question attached to it.


Punctuations play a major role in making a list of words a statement or an argument. The commas will decide what is to be emphasized in the topic. A good dissertation topic has an adequate use of capital letters, numbers and quotation marks. A wrongly placed comma can mislead the reader about the topic and research.

Ignite Imagination & Creativity:

To generate a dissertation topic, research literature of the subject deep down and then come to the idea and interest to focus. Choose your Ph.D. dissertation topic in such a way that drags audience interest and take them to the creative and imaginative world. Brainstorms the idea while reading the subject to grasp the most creative research field. Be critical of the ideas and later examine them based on your preference and interests.

Last but not the least


Be sure that the idea you have presented in your dissertation topic is clear and researchable. The topic will showcase the new idea with arguments and citations so be sure that the dissertation topic is are valid for the research. The idea should make sense and have strong evidence to prove it.

Good luck with your research!

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