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10 Best Scholarship Programs in UK for Non-Natives

Getting in a UK University is a dream of every individual who strives to be best in his academics but to get into the university one needs to work really hard and get good grades. He needs to pass on the hurdles he is facing while applying for a scholarship. The scholarship is easy if one is in the UK it is still possible for them to get scholarship. But when one is non-native student it creates a tough benchmark for them to be selected for University.

Why one needs a scholarship?

There are a number of goals that students need to achieve while studying at University. But one gaol on which he needs to have an eagle eye in Scholarship! One needs to have to do work hard to achieve a certain scholarship.

Perks of scholarship can be;

  • A bright future is waiting for you when you opt for a scholarship as this means you have guts to explore the world on your own basis.
  • You will evolve as a successful personality as it means you have the talent to showcase to the world!

So the top 10 programs for the scholarship are:

1) Commonwealth Masters Scholarships:

This is the scholarship for international students who cannot afford big amount of expenses. Commonwealth scholarships allow talented students to get Master’s degree in six domains which you can check on their website. You need to be well planned for your scholarship. The scholarship is well designed by DIFD (UK department for International Development).

2) Chevening Scholarships:

A scholarship offered by the UK government where students learn to adapt the UK lifestyle and education system. Applicant must apply before august 2019. The applicant will enjoy many benefits if he becomes eligible for this university after passing the edibility test.

3) Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK):

Do you have best academic results and certificates to show your mental excellence and potential; then this scholarship is especially tailored for you. One of my friend got scholarship as we already knew she is going to win the scholarship as she was the best law assignment and competition and consumer law assignment help on the campus.

4) Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

This University is renowned for offering different domains to the scholarship. The students get to live within UK and practice their expertise in the relevant domain. My teacher used to be a great student and source of Employment Law assignment help while studying at this University. He assured me of great help when I asked for his advice about this university.

5) Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

Around 30 scholarships in different domains are offered by this University. But the real problem is it does not cover the cost of maintenance which brings this scholarship to 4th position. The main criteria for this University are applicant needs to be best in research domain. The applicant must have an excellent master’s degree and score great in a bachelor’s degree.

6) Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK):

A full time post graduate program for international students who work hard in life to achieve good future. Around hundred scholarships are opted by students annually which comprise of many perks, as in university fee paid, monthly allowance, airfare etc.

7) Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham:

There are a number of scholarships available in this university. If one is from developing country. If one wishes to help their country in prospering this University is for you! Work hard and develop faster is what this university is looking for.

8) Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford

It is one of the most prestigious scholarships of the world which started in year1902. If you have desire to study with all perks available. This is your University of choice. Studying in this university will be fun as one can excel in the field of their own choice.

9) Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London:

If one has desire to accomplish his studies in different domains of the world studies they can pick this university and explore the world studies. I applied for this university and almost got selected but I got other offers to consider too. But trust me the university is awesome.

10) University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships:

The scholarship awarded to a number of Sussex schools, encouraging the students to learn and work hard in their desired field. An international student can avail 50% off on the scholarship program.


There are number of Universities who value students more than money. So grab your opportunity for being there and enjoy perks while studying fully. That will be my message to you. Alright time to go! Bubye!

Important Notes for Scholarship:

  • Write your Career:
    If you need to write an essay doesn’t be afraid of it! As the more you write about your mission the more they would know your intelligence.
  • Grades are just a number!
    Yes you need a certain grade to be on the scholarship list but that doesn’t calculate your intelligence or hard work.
  • Apply for more than one:
    Don’t stick to just one university. Apply for as many universities as possible.
  • Research is essential key:
    Be prepared about your facts and figures. You ought to know where you are best suited and where you can shine more.

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