Argumentative essay – A major dilemma for many students

One of the most intimidating writing tasks is to write an argumentative essay. It is not difficult just because you have to develop an argument along with a powerful justification. It is also troublesome because most students cannot figure out how they can construct a strong and compelling writing structure along with the sketch of points that are in support of the argument. But when one cannot even have an outline and a line of action to follow, jotting down the ideas and compiling them in a proper manner can be very, very tricky, let alone the development of an argument. On the other hand it demands efficient research writing skills with strong evidence from extensive literature search.

Trouble with selecting topics

When it comes to argumentative essay writing, most students want to select a simple topic so that they can work on it without much hassle. This is a very crucial step for many students as they find themselves too chaotic to decide what area to work on.

It is also possible that you finally choose a topic. However, when you start working on it you realize that it is not your cup of tea and then change the topic but the same problem occurs with the new one. It starts infuriating you and you feel like giving up.

Problem with thesis statement

While developing a thesis or writing a dissertation, argumentative essays come in very handy. But it surely is not an easy task. You may be able to write catchy introduction, but when it comes to thesis statement of an argumentative writing, you have too many research papers to go through, so much to read to develop a powerful argument with a strong justification. You may feel overburdened already and then the deadlines start buzzing your head. That’s where you get stuck and find no way out.

Difficulty with justifying arguments

Students often face challenge while writing an argument for the dissertation and select a specific topic for their argument. They’re often puzzled whether the proposition is arguable and reasonable. The argument basically requires a complete analysis with an extensive literature search on the topic, and a discussion on the pros and cons of the topic. One efficient and effective way is to consider the opposite side of the argument you have selected to write a thesis on, but mostly students can’t focus because they stress their minds too much.

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