Safeguarding Health and Social Care


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The notion of safeguarding

This except is creating the notion of what is safeguarding in health and social care? The main purpose of safeguarding is to protect people from harm through teamwork made possible by professionals. Some people are vulnerable or not capable of making independent decisions to assess the consequences of the harmful agents due to some mental illness or disability. The major cause of it is linked with alcohol or drug abuse or being harmed in any way by another person. The person may also be at risk if he is incapable of consenting to treatment or has lost capacity in any mishap.

The research shows that Safeguarding health and social care necessitate an assessment of the situation of someone and identifying the gaps in coverage. It must be done in a timely manner to protect vulnerable people. For the sake of it, there must be a constant link between safeguarding and human care and treatment.

The function of safeguarding in health and social care

Coming along with this discussion it occurs to a reader, why is safeguarding important in health and social care? Well, the answer is exposed by the functions of safeguarding in the health and social sector.

  • It pins down the risk of harm and plans to cope with it so as to ensure the safety of a person
  • It makes sure to eliminate the factors that put the people in this state of vulnerability at first place so that they do not feel the same way in future
  • This is made possible through the utilization of the services of the professionals in the field concerned

However, this is not merely the task of professionals to tackle each and every bit of the whole process of it. The person who is facing the risk of harm must play a proactive role along with the experts. The team may also consult his peer group and family to devise ways of minimizing the risk factor. They can further analyze his improvement over time by taking into consideration the data provided by the team appointed on his care and treatment.

Sometimes their role also encompasses the consultation with other agencies such as police, fire brigade, and others related to a particular issue under consideration. So in this way safeguarding is making vulnerable people live their lives unobstructed and safe from any parochial activity. It is in fact a war against social evils such as abusing, forsaking, and traumatic persons.

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The gravity of safeguarding for the people

As it is a well-known fact that children and vulnerable people lack the ability to stay safe, so they owe others in order to receive assistance and support. Therefore, those close to these groups need to know what safeguarding is and how it plays an important role in making such people feel safe. The gravity of safeguarding can be felt well by considering certain healthcare dissertation topics based on the settings of a retirement home.

In this institute, employees care for people whose levels of health, quality of life, and decision-making skills are insufficient. Therefore, as caregivers, they have the primary responsibility to ensure that these elder members are not exploited. In most such cases, the other family members resort to physical abuse as the major cause of harm.

Therefore, safeguarding warns the meddlers and protects the elderly people from any troublesome act. The safety of the whistler who is trying to protect an elder person from abuse also becomes part of the safeguarding of health and social care services.

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The legislation regarding safeguarding

Safeguarding is a legal obligation for all health and social workers. The legislation done in this field also protects people who lack capacity due to mental illness or disability. This legislation is an ongoing process that includes the protection of everyone who is at risk, like any other law that aims at the protection of all and sundry without any discrimination. However, this protection is fabricated based on an understanding of the state of affairs and occurrences of a person and the risks they face. A certain number of laws can be cited in this regard.

Postulations of safeguarding

This research also shows 6 key safeguarding principles for the understanding of how it really works. The key principles are as under

  • Deterrence – A person who is lacking in any possibility must be protected from any sort of harm. They must not be treated indifferently.
  • Mainstreaming –The process is not aimed at making people dependent upon the services but to empower them as well so they can take important decisions regarding their treatment and other circumstances.
  • Conformity – The safeguarding services must not be loathed with discriminatory notions on the basis of race, gender, age, and religion which is the cause of disparity in many other orientations.
  • Correlation – The persons with disability in learning or mental health should be consulted to take part in decision-making regarding their life. It will teach them this way.
  • Allegiance –These persons with disabilities should be able to evaluate the liabilities of the professional of the service.


Safeguarding the health and social care holds a lot of significance as it is a fundamental human right, which is emphasized by both the private law of states and the international law.

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